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Why are your Sales Decreasing - Reasons and Remedies

Why are your Sales Decreasing - Reasons and Remedies

Selling online and exclusively on Amazon is challenging but is an exciting job. Every day the sales graph varies unexpectedly. Sometimes you have a sudden rise in sales, sometimes the sales rate drains off while you have the phase when your Amazon store experiences the average sales. Out of all these, as a seller, you would love to have the rising sales graph and probably the average and consistent sales but obviously, you would not wish to have the decreasing sales rate. But, in online selling, there comes the time when you face the decreasing sales rate and you might not able to figure out why this is happening to you.

On analysing the various Amazon seller central and Amazon vendor seller accounts, we have listed few reasons that drop-off your amazon store sales. After reading this article, we are sure that at the end you would be able to maintain the consistent sales rate and even the rising sales.

Note down this points and scale the performance of your account:

Your product might be seasonable: One of the reasons for having decay in sales might be you are selling the seasonable products and your product might have lost its charm in another season. For instance, selling the sunglasses will be fruitful in the summer season but as soon as monsoon arrives, the sunglasses buyers will definitely switch to umbrella and raincoat sellers. This can cause a sudden decrease in sales.

You might have received the negative feedback: The strongest reason for sale- drop that has come in our survey is the negative review. The customers when not get satisfied with the services or product they receive, they leave their feedback. Either they can write negative about the seller’s services like delay in delivery, payment issues or can leave their response to the product as product quality is not good. Any negative feedback severely affects your reputation and customer’s trust. Since the maximum of customers read the product reviews before buying it and this negative comment can repel them off!

Your promotional offer has exhausted: To allure your customers you have offered the discounts and offers on your products that have taken the sales graph to the rising level but all of a sudden when the offer ends, the buyers might have taken their interest out of your products resulting in the sudden decrease in sales. 

Unfortunately, you have lost Buy-Box on Amazon: With the higher sales and good performance, Amazon has offered you the buy-box and a featured seller Amazon tag. This attracts the customers to make the confirmed buying decisions from your Amazon store. But all of a sudden, the purchase rate vanishes as you lose the buy-box. You are playing the game where Amazon is the referee and it constantly monitors all of its player’s (Amazon sellers) performance on the basis of which it gives chance to the Amazon sellers to reap the benefits of Amazon buy-box. 

PPC ads are not effective: Amazon has its PPC ads program for the Amazon sellers to make their products more visible and discoverable for its customers. You too have utilized the same but yet your PPC ads are not getting clicks. Maybe your competitor’s products and their campaigns are more effective and attractive to engage the online customers. This eventually would result in sales decrease. 

These might be the few reasons that are dropping the sales rate of your amazon store which you are not expecting, obviously. You need to do some extra efforts to run your online business on the consistent slope.

Remedies- What can you do to maintain the sales rate on Amazon?

  1. Add the evergreen products to your Amazon store. Selling niche products on Amazon will also be fruitful.
  2. Maintain the quality, consistency and proper delivery time so that customers would be satisfied. Even if, you get any negative feedback, tackle it wisely and politely. Here you must know- Amazon forces to maintain a good seller-buyer relationship. Evantage, a leading Amazon service provider has the guts to maintain this delicate relationship politely. 
  3. Check the offers and if possible try to renew it time to time. This will make customers stick with you only. Wow..what a good deal!
  4. Keep on checking the seller performance on Amazon. You can check it your Amazon seller central account. Work with Amazon analytics and improve your services accordingly. Amazon constantly checks the seller’s metrics according to which it offers buy-box to them. No need to discuss how much importance the buy-box holds on Amazon. 
  5. Wear the customer’s glass and analyse your products and services. Check out the effectiveness of your products and how impactful your PPC ads and offers are. Scale your services on your own and see if you can’t click on your products to buy, how can others?  A million dollar question to think!


While sailing on the boat of Amazon, there can be storms when you might feel low but sailing your boat cautiously can save you. Maintaining the consistent sales rate or even having the high figures is not impossible. You can have higher sales rate easily by following the Amazon guidelines and customers’ view and not to miss out remedies shared above. Even if you are not being able to take care of your account efficiently, leave it to us. We with our faultless Amazon assistance work to keep your sales graph rising and rising always.

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