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Amazon Influencer Program for Amazon Sellers Active on Social Media Platforms

Amazon Influencer Program for Amazon Sellers Active on Social Media Platforms

Amazon has given its sellers other reason to smile. No one has ever thought that having the followers on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can take the Amazon sellers at the newer level of Amazon competition. Amazon has brought a new program for its sellers that allows them to build their presence strongly on Amazon.

Of which program we are talking about?

We are here talking about the Amazon Influencer Program. This program is an extension of Amazon Associates program that yields the commision to the Amazon sellers when any user makes a purchase through posts and URLs shared on the social media. 
But there is the difference between these two programs. The Amazon Influencer Program is an exclusive program that the Amazon sellers can utilize only when they receive an acceptance from Amazon while every Amazon seller can utilize the membership of the Amazon Associate programs.
Initially, this Influencer program was started with Youtube accounts but Amazon has extended it to Facebook and Instagram in it. 

Social media accounts and followers on them help Amazon sellers  in getting Amazon Influencer program membership

Having the accounts on social media platforms and large followers on it is a boon to Amazon sellers now. Not only large followers means having more chances to have a large number of sales but also it is like an ice-candy in a summer season, these large followers boost the chances of utilizing the fruits of Amazon Influencer Program. 

Who Can Qualify for Amazon Influencer Program?

Though Amazon has no specified criteria for having the number of followers to get qualified for its amazing program, yet there are few factors that decide the qualification for Amazon Influencer Program.

Here they are:

  • All the Amazon sellers selling in any category can compete for this program.
  • Amazon sellers should have their accounts on YouTube/Facebook/ Twitter or Instagram. Having accounts on every platform is next to best.
  • They should have a large number of followers on these social media accounts.
  • Also, the Amazon sellers should share the number of posts on these accounts.
  • Among these posts, most of them should be relevant to Amazon feed.
  • The posts should be fruitful for Amazon customers.

With having all these, Amazon sellers can request from their Amazon seller central account by clicking on “Get Started” for having a membership for its exclusive Amazon Influencer Program. If you lie at the scale of Amazon with the top score, you will have the invitation from Amazon else better luck next time! Amazon is open every time.

How Amazon Influencer Program works?

  • For being the part of this fruitful program, Amazon sellers need to send the request to Amazon. Amazon then counts the followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of Amazon sellers. Also, it scrutinizes the posts and their relevance to Amazon. On the basis of these, it sends an invitation granting permission to the Amazon sellers to be part of this program.
  • When Amazon picks its sellers for its Influencer Program, it allows them to hold the strong position on Amazon by allowing customization of their Amazon page. 
  • It creates an exclusive and unique URL for the products in an easy format that opens an easy way to the followers to search for products.
  • It uses URL format like With this URL, Amazon sellers can exclusively demonstrate the products they want to offer to their customers.  
  • Clicking on this link, on one hand, the follower gets redirected to the exclusive page on Amazon where he can buy it directly while the Amazon sellers get reimbursed after having confirmed buying decision. 
  • The reimbursement amount depends on the product type.

The benefits of the Amazon Influencer Program for the Amazon Sellers

  1. Since, this program is by invitation only, therefore, getting its membership helps the Amazon sellers in building the strong reputation on Amazon. 
  2. The Amazon sellers can select the products they want to make popular among the customers. 
  3. The Unique URL created by Amazon for the selected products help the customers to directly reach on the products, which helps in making an easy order. 
  4. Easy order and exclusive product selection help in driving traffic to the Amazon store
  5. When the purchases are made from this URL, Amazon sellers not only get the sales to their accounts but also get rewarded with some commision from Amazon for these purchases. Wow…. Double profit to Amazon sellers!
  6. More sales result in achieving the high profit in Amazon business.
  7. Again, more sales boost the chances of winning the buy box on Amazon. 


Having followers always contribute to a large number of sales but when Amazon sellers get the commission for it, the program becomes more amazing. It helps in driving traffic to the Amazon store and brings the popularity of Amazon sellers among their customers as well as on Amazon. For being active on social media platforms to get the attention of Amazon, we recommend you to use the best SEO services and social media marketing that can work for you to promote and discover your products and brands among the customers easily. Showcasing the particular products through recommendations help the buyers to choose from best that results in having higher sales. 

We are sure that you have social connections with your customers through the social media accounts, then, cross your finger and send the request to Amazon. Getting membership of Amazon Influencer program increases your chances of earning more money from Amazon. 


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