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Amazon Seller App is beneficial - Download it now

Amazon Seller App is beneficial - Download it now

Recently Amazon sellers have suffered from various issues in Amazon seller app. Some Sellers seemed to lodge the complaint against the improper working of Amazon seller app as they had faced problems while listing their products through their Amazon seller app. iPhone X users also had problems while viewing their sales. This gave a spark to the Amazon controversies and other marketplaces had taken it as their golden chance to attract the sellers to them. But, yet Amazon has its charm and its magnificent popularity among the sellers and this small problem could not affect their passion. The sellers don’t miss out any reason to sell on Amazon. It had resolved such problems and even it has been working to improve the facilities available for the Amazon sellers.
As customers use the mobile apps more than the desktops and laptops for online surfing and shopping then why can’t the online retailers? Therefore, Amazon has launched its seller app with the same vision and helping its sellers in every possible way so that they can deliver the best services to their customers from anywhere and at any moment and also can manage their account at any go.  The app offers several advantages that help the sellers to boost their sales and profit. 
We hope that you are already working with Amazon seller app but if yet you haven’t installed this amazing seller app then read further to know the exclusive advantages Amazon app is offering to its sellers.

  1. Keep Record of Sales: For managing and viewing your Amazon store account you don’t need to log in always on the Google Chrome or Firefox rather this app is sufficient to handle your account. The app allows you to track your sales and analyse it over the specific time-period. By tapping on the app, you can track your daily sales and check out whether your sales graph is rising or falling. This helps you in managing the sales rate accordingly.  
  2. Efficiently Manage orders and Returns: Just like a customer can order the product or can ask for the returns through their app from any place and at any time even at midnight, you too can process it at the same instant. The Amazon Seller app is leveraged with the feature that notifies its sellers about the order done by customers or return is asked. Also, the app offers an important feature that helps the sellers to view their pending orders, shipment confirmation, manage returns and refunds issue. It makes you act on the customer's action and respond them quickly so as to be safeguarded from the bad reviews or customer’s complaint to Amazon. Afterall, you know very well that Amazon minds the delayed response by the sellers which in turn might affect the health of your Amazon store.
  3. Stay tuned for inventory Status:  Inventory management can be a challenging task when you sell the number of products and having more orders back to back. Therefore, it will be too much helping if you get the inventory notifications that you are running out of stock or having lower inventory. For this, Amazon app has builtin feature “Days of Cover” that shows the approximate days that your inventory can last based on the history of sales of the corresponding item. So, you can restock it and maintain the sales rate easily. Based on inventory status, you can know which item is moving fast or which is having least clicks, according to which you can reprice and update the inventory. Amazon seller app helps in inventory forecasting
  4. Maintain good seller-buyer relationship: Customers love the prompt responses. When you listen to your customers and solve their queries quickly, it leaves a positive impression on them and can make them your retaining customers. Also, Amazon complies its sellers to respond the queries within 24 hours and if you couldn’t, Amazon might take action against you. But talking practically, sometimes you might be stuck in traffic or home and couldn’t log in to desktop then it will harm you. So, Amazon seller app is the complete solution with the help of which you can reply at the same moment or at the least time when a customer raises any query. You can see “Communications” on the seller app. This will be definitely going to save you from the danger on Amazon and you can easily maintain a good seller-buyer relationship
  5. Helps in knowing customers better: Every seller understands the importance of customer feedback. If positive it can take you at the top and make you the best seller but when negative it will blow you down. On the home screen of the Amazon app, you can see the customer feedback, Swiping the top tiles would allow you to have quick access to customer feedback and rating. Their valuable feedback would help you to know your customers, their choices and their response to your products and services. Based on which you can improve your service and work in a better way to create a good buying experience for your customers.  

To conclude

So, you have seen that working with Amazon seller app helps the Amazon sellers in total 360-degree, right from managing account to managing sales; from managing returns and refunds to manage the negative reviews. You can track the FBA orders and shipments and also respond your customers within the less time. The best thing is you don’t have any barrier to log into your Amazon seller central account or vendor seller account every time from the desktop. Once you are registered with Amazon as its seller, you can easily download the Amazon seller app from Google play store or if you are an iPhone user, then, download it from iOS App Store.
It’s easy to download and above all easy to operate. Go right now to the app store and work with more efficiency and boost sales of your online store.


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