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Intensify Online Sales on Amazon on Mother’s Day

Intensify Online Sales on Amazon on Mother’s Day

The arrival of month May has brought a new reason to thank our mother. People are hearing the bell of mother’s day and looking forward to making their loving mom happy. It is no doubt that mother’s love brings blessings and happiness to everyone’s life. Just like other festivals, mother’s day too has the charm of gifts and surprises making people buy the gifts for their mother. Being an online retailer, you can help people in buying the best gifts items and boost your sales and earn money by offering the best gift options to them for their mother. This will not only intensify the mother’s love but also help you in boosting the online business.

For the auspicious day, we are summarizing the ideas to makeover your online store.  

  1. Add products that your mom will love: Understand your mother’s likings and interests and try to add the items as per her choice. Most of the time, every mother shares the same thought. On this occasion, selling jewellery, dress, cosmetics and even the household items can be appealing to mothers. Think about what your mother, your friend's mother and grandmothers mostly like and add new items to your store. 
  2. Add the products for the expectant and a new mother: For the women who are expecting or have been the mother recently, this mother’s day will be special. Such women can be the target audience for you and adding the items for them will be fruitful for your store. 
  3. Add creativity to the products and packaging: As people will buy for the gifting purposes, therefore, you can add creativity in packaging that will attract them. Offering gift baskets or gift wrap packaging would be appealing. For the specific purchasing prices, you can offer flowers or attractive carry bags, plastic bags to make the gift set more attractive. Remember, mothers, are women who always appreciate beauty and presentation. 
  4. Promote the items below the cart: Based on the buyer’s search and preferences, promoting the items below the cart can add more sales to your store. When buyer will checkout for payment, the items below the cart can draw his attention and if he will find it attractive for his mom, he can also click it to buy.  Here, cross-sell and upsell strategy will work.
  5. Offer discounts and gift vouchers on the purchase: It is a human tendency that while shopping when the buyers find the products at the lower prices, they do comparatively more shopping. Discounts and gift vouchers are always appealing to the buyers, therefore, offering on this occasion can be fruitful that can tend buyers to buy more items for their mom.
  6. Use Social Media power: Social media marketing nowadays is emerging as the powerful tool to get connected with customers. Show the customers what you have exclusive on this mother’s day for them. Make the social media posts compelling and attractive, upload the eye-catchy images and videos and showcase the offers and discount prices you are providing them to make mothers happy. If you don’t have your social media marketing team, evantage offers SEO services to our valuable clients. 

How to choose the products to sell on Amazon?

Knowing the customer’s choice is an important aspect to grow well on the online selling platforms. Therefore, for the merchants, it is always recommended to know the market and sell according to the market trends. 

  1. Research the market and list out the hot items that customers click on.
  2. On the Amazon page, Amazon has the section suggesting its customers buy the products depending on the occasion, gender, festivals and more. Go through it and add the products according to it.
  3. As for mother’s day, selling women specials will be beneficial. Check out the taste of the women while they make a purchase on Amazon and based on their buying history include products in your store. 
  4. Handwritten cards, handmade items and niche products selling on Amazon will be unique and best idea to make the gift more special. The cards with the loving message expressing the gratitude towards mom.  
  5. Greeting cards, jewellery, footwear, apparel, and kitchen accessories will attract the mothers. Pick any of them to add to your store.  
  6. While adding the products to your Amazon store on this mother’s day, consider every age-group of mothers like your mother, grandmother, stepmother, a girl who is expecting and also don’t forget the newly been mother. Every generation has its own choice so try to include products for them. This will widen your customer’s range.

Final Words:

Shopping needs no reasons but the festivals and special occasions add a new charm to the shopping experience of the customers. So why do you lag behind on this auspicious occasion?  Don’t miss out any reason to sell on Amazon. Make your Amazon store mother-fondly and reap the benefits of mother’s love. Offering deals and discounts to the Amazon customers on the best products for their mother can be a good deal for you. Boost your business and earn more money in this season to break the Amazon’s record!

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