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Simple but Dynamic Tactics to Increase AOV

Simple but Dynamic Tactics to Increase AOV

Do you aim of earning high from your ecommerce store and looking for ways to add revenues and profit ?

We understand that searching solutions for increasing sales and reaching more customers is always challenging and a single mistake can hamper the progress of overall ecommerce business. The next challenging phase is to retain the customers that have come to your store and here, most of you feel it more challenging than bringing new customers. From reaching to customers to providing them easy purchasing and checkout services, you should do all in a strategic manner that can increase the number of sales. The proper approach and strategy to increase AOV would help you in growing your sales graph.


We, at evantage work with the dynamic strategy to serve our sellers. Knowing the importance of AOV in business and the pain you face while achieving it, we here are sharing 10 simple but dynamic features to increase AOV exclusively for you.

Here it goes...

1. BOGO offer

The best offer that every buyer loves to have is BOGO i.e. Buy One, Get One. Such offers attract more visitors easily and when you offer some useful product along with the bought one, they feel overwhelmed with joy and their shopping experience gets boosted. This tends them to buy more and more from your store only which increases the retention rate and loyalty of your customer towards you. You can launch such offers directly through the app you are using. 

2. Personalized Suggestions to the buyers

Based on the purchases and buying history of the customers, you can recommend them the similar products with the message displaying “You may also like” or “Customers who have bought this, have also bought….(another product option)”. If the buyers have moved to the cart to final checkout, you can ask them to add more products to get the items worth free shipping or discounts on the next purchases. The personalized recommendations can convince the buyer to buy more. 

3. Offer a deal for more purchase

Offering the deals to every purchase of the buyer tends them to buy more and more. Allure your customers with the discounts on first purchase and then increase the discount rates on their next purchases. Once the customers set their mind to buy and gradually find the deals and offer meeting their needs (items + prices) they can make purchases at higher frequencies. Obviously, this adds more sales to your store and increases overall AOV. 

4. Cross-selling

Cross-selling technique is helping the sellers to drive more sales to their ecommerce stores. In cross-selling, sellers determine the products and items for the customers depending on their buying list and suggest them to add complementary products to their cart for shopping. Seller may offer discounts and offers for those complementary products which most of the time compel the buyers to click on the buy button. For example, if a customer has bought a school bag for a kid, you can suggest them water-bottle, lunch box and even a compass box to them. Most of the time, the customer clicks at such products as they all are relatable to one another. It highly improves the sales and order and hikes the AOV graph of your store. 

5. Free shipping

It is more often seen that when a customer is about to buy any product that he feels affordable might immediately leave it on seeing the shipping cost associated with it. This affects the sales rate and AOV. The items that are free of shipping charges are likely to have more purchasing clicks than the products with shipping charges. Therefore selling the products without incurring any shipping and delivery charges attract more buyers. For this, you need to make the proper shipping price strategy. Read our blog on Points not be missed while making shipping strategy.

6. Fast Checkout

Reaching the customers is only half the battle other half is yet to win. It is more often seen that most of the customers leave the stores just because of hectic and lengthy checkouts. If you can’t see your customers going, the, make the checkout process easier. With the very short and crisp details, allow your customers to buy the products they have chosen. 

7. Secure Payment Assurance

Along with the smooth checkout, it is very important to assure the buyers that their payment details are secure. The personal info, card details they are sharing with trust and therefore it is on to you to keep their trust unaffected.  

8. Use the payment mode they want to opt

We have conducted a poll to know the reasons of the cart abandonment or customer’s leaving at the last step of payment. The poll results were shocking as it revealed a very basic reason of customer leaving in amid. We found that most of the customers at their final step of payment leave the purchase just because they don’t find the convenient option of payment which they feel comfortable with. This affects the sales value and increases the cart abandonment rate. Use every payment option (COD, debit/credit card, Paypal etc.) and don’t forget to maintain the privacy and security while customers pay you. 

9. Bundling up all the marketing campaigns

Since in today’s time, advertising and marketing have taken a wide corner in online retailing. Running campaigns on every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. and managing orders from every social app and ecommerce apps can be cumbersome. So, we work with the centralization of all marketing campaigns through one place to simplify all the loads of accessing multiple apps and social media accounts. From email campaigns to marketing campaigns and referral campaigns to discount banners, bundling up all campaigns in one will save your efforts as well as time. We optimize the advertisements and CPC campaigns of the sellers in an effective way that contributes to sales and orders.

10. Campaigns Analytics 

Analysing the campaign results of every day and working according to it is an intelligent move. Check out campaign's effect of every occasion like Mother’s day, Father’s day or deal of the day campaign and comparing the results which will help you in making further strategies and moves to boost sales. As the effective campaign will be having more buying clicks while if any campaign does not return the oriented result you can change it for better future. For the detailed analysis, we work with the efficient learning algorithms helping us to visualize every progress through the eagle’s eye. 

Hope you understand

To get more customers and increase AOV, the ecommerce sellers more often use each and every tactic even the toughest one that demands the lots of efforts and time but forget to use the basic tactics that can easily lead to conversions. The above-mentioned tactics are simple but dynamic that results in higher sales and order values. We are not alone to say this rather our sellers say and even have felt the best ecommerce experience with us. Now it’s your turn to comply and make more money from omnichannel retailing

Come to us and see the difference.

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