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4 Hacks for Image Optimization for ecommerce Business

4 Hacks for Image Optimization for Ecommerce Business

Images are important for growing ecommerce businesses. The images are the magnet for the customers attract the customer’s attention. On one hand, the simple, aesthetic and enticing images can make your store as the first choice of the customers while the unclear, cluttered and blur images may distract them.  It impacts your customer retention and conversions. The existing marketplace sand channels may differ in image optimization and uploading process. But some of the factors are quite common for every platform for the image formatting.

Let’s know the basics of image optimization hacks and attract more customers towards your products. 

1. Know the different file types

Before uploading the images on your own website or any marketplace, first understand the type of images you can upload to the different platforms. You can upload the images in JPEG, PNG and GIFs but before making a decision you should read the mandates of every platform you are selling on. Every marketplace allows the special type and you should know the difference among GIF, JPEG and PNG so that when you will upload the images with the right quality, your products will more likely to attract the customers easily. 

2. Proper image size increases conversions

While uploading the images some marketplaces ask the sellers to upload the complete file or catalogue while some asks to upload the images one by one. So you should get cleared about the file size and image size as both are different. As Amazon supports 1000 pixels of images and the image size should not be less than 500 pixels while the file size refers to the total dimension of the images and usually it is in MB like 3MB or less. When you upload the photos of the products on any ecommerce marketplace, you should work on the resizing of the images and make it as per the image size or file size as mentioned in the guidelines else improper resizing can make the product looking weird and different thus detaching the customers when they look at it. 

Image resizing is always needed that can be done in photoshop but if you haven’t use the photoshop earlier, no worries, Pixlr is a quick way to resize an image file.

3. Optimize the thumbnails to drive upsells

Use the product images to upsell and increase your conversions. If you have done the online shopping, you might have seen that when you are about to checkout, there appear various products that may be an upgraded version of the products you are buying and most of the time you will be ended with buying an upgraded version. This is actually upselling. Most of the ecommerce marketplaces as Amazon and ecommerce sellers are now using this technique to increase the conversions. You can also use the thumbnails of the product images below the cart attracting your customers and they can upgrade their buying choice. 

4. Capture and Upload the technical and aesthetic images

Every marketplace allows to upload the images more than one and in fact 4-5 at one time. Every customer wants to know more and exact about the product before they click on the buy button. Therefore, you should upload the images that can represent every aspect and angle of the product thus helping the customers make their buying decisions. Include the technical as well as the aesthetic view of the products. Let’s know what we mean by technical and aesthetic images.

  • Technical aspect of images: The images focussing on the image size, resolution, file type and format. 
  • Aesthetic aspect of images: The images focussing on the products and its representation of product features, style, look, background colour and contrast. 

When a customer sees more images of the products, he gets clear to the larger extent about how the product is from every angle and therefore can easily make their buying decision. Get the enticing photoshoot of the products and represent it in front of your customers. 


The image optimization is crucial and therefore you can see a myriad of It’s easy to photo editing tools in the market and most of the ecommerce sellers are using it. When you sell on the ecommerce platforms you need to focus on the proper image size, and file type that a platform accepts. Along with the images, add the descriptive and attractive title to your products with all the features well described in the product description section as content is important to drive sales. And see how the enticing and attracting images will be your tool to drive the conversion rates to your ecommerce store on every platform. If you are exclusively selling on Amazon only then read our helpful article on Processing the Product’s Images in Amazon way and add more colors to your Amazon store with more sales. 

For better results, we would recommend you to hire a professional photographer who can click every angle of the product that perfectly defines your vision behind the product and can make a catalogue for all your products or hire an Amazon Service provider as evantage who works from photoshoot to image editing and image processing of the products that are perfect as per the guidelines of the online marketplace.

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