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This Summer Season Hit the Records and Boost the Sales

This Summer Season Hit the Records and Boost the Sales

As people make resolutions at every new year, for the entrepreneurs every new season is the time to make resolutions to increase the ROI and sales rate from the last achieved. In this second quarter of the year, the new season of summer has arrived bringing new opportunities for the ecommerce sellers on the Amazon. Every weather and season have its own impact on the people. In winter while people need woollen clothes but with the arrival of summer, they prefer cold things. This change in season and people’s needs urge the market to get updated with the products suitable for every season. 

If you are owning an ecommerce store on Amazon or any other marketplaces, you should once give a glance at your products listed into your store and update it with the products that get best suited with the season or in a nutshell you should update the store with the seasonal products. This will work as the magnet to attract the customers to you or out of season products can repel them quickly.  

So we are giving you the plenty of options that can make a splash even in summer…

Sun protection Products: Since the sun will be at its peak in the summer that can restrict the people to go out. Therefore people will be searching for the sun protected products like sunscreen, lotion, oils and in fact some type of soap and de tanning creams to get protected in this summer. Including these products into your store can be beneficial and even more if you can offer such products with extra protection like sunscreen with more than 50 SPF and other niche and unique products like Aloe vera gel, natural herbs creams that you exclusively can claim for the summer season. Adding sunburns cream will also contribute to getting customers to your store.

Summer Accessories: To get protected from the sun’s stroke, people wear Goggles, summercoats, scarf, gloves, hats and summer caps etc. Decor your store with all such products and see the magic. The items not only protect from sun but also adds a new style to them and when customers will be searching for such accessories, your store will be their first choice. Adding summer protected accessories will attract a large group of customers who regularly need to go out of their homes for work. 

Summer Fashion will bloom: Though in summer season everyone likes to sit in AC or in cooler but yet the fashion lovers and explorers can’t stop themselves from being out in the summer season. Therefore, to attract all the fashionista buyers, you can include the summer suited apparels and outfits. But don’t forget to add a new flavour of comfort to the trend. Handmade clothes with 100% cotton material can be unique and exclusive apparels that will attract the buyers. The eye-soothing design and summer-friendly fabric can attract the buyers searching for the summer fashion but with comfortable.  Tank tops, Sundresses, Visors and floppy sun hats, Shorts, Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, T-shirts, Sneakers/sandals/flipflops are things that buyers search majorly in summer. 

Cold drinks and Beverages: In the hot season, the buyer will love to have chilled and cold beverages and drinks. If you are selling in the food and grocery category, then, it will be advantageous to you. You can include the cold drinks, beverages and even the seasonal fruits and vegetables to your store that exclusively people can find in summer. Here, we would like to recommend you to ensure the quality of all the food products before selling as it is directly related to the health of the buyers. In case, you have caught faulty in delivering rotten fruits or unhealthy beverages (may be due to out of expiry date), it will affect your reputation as well as your store sales. Any negative review from the customer can repel others too. Read (How to deal with negative reviews?) Be careful while offering the health-related products to customers. And also, Amazon keeps on analysing the ODR and store performance. One wrong move can take you to the account suspension. Know the reasons and remedies of account suspension on Amazon. 

Bonus Tips:

Travelling accessories: Since the summer brings the vacation and holidays for the children and many families more often plan for the trips. Adding the traveller bags and suitcases can be proven as a money-making idea from ecommerce stores. 

Rainy items: It is good to decor your store with the cold, chilled and summer suited products but if you are a wise ecommerce seller and know the hacks how to engage customers and retain the existing ones, you should look at the future too. Think about the hurricane and the storms that might come in the summer season and even an early arrival of the rainy days. Umbrellas, Raincoats, Rain protection for cars, cameras, backpacks, shoes, and strollers, Rain boots can be additional items you can include in your store.

To Conclude:

Look at the market trend and customer’s demands and embellish your store with more sales. Including the products that a customer's wants can easily take your sales graph at peak. In the third quarter Q3( April to June) on Amazon, break every record of selling by including the summer suited items to your store. In fact, by following the bonus tips mentioned above, you can hit the records in the fourth quarter as well and can make the monsoon more blossoming. Work with the sales-boosting tips all the time and earn money from online marketplaces as Amazon. 

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