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Get Higher Amazon Seller Rating

How to Get Higher Amazon Seller Rating?

While selling on Amazon, the seller not only earns the money but also the reputation on Amazon as well as among the customers. Amazon rewards its sellers with the seller rating depending on the popularity of sellers. To earn higher ratings from customers, Amazon sellers need to put efforts in their selling techniques to attract them, retain them so as to achieve more sales and more important the higher seller ratings. Amazon has many criteria for its sellers and sellers need to come out clean on every test of Amazon to get the higher ratings.

If you are too battling to win the Amazon seller rating, then, don’t expect any mercy from Amazon rather work with the battle-winning hacks to win your customer’s trust. 

Let's see the tips how can you enhance the ratings on your Amazon  account:

1. Listen to Customers and Resolve the issues:

When a customer gives any negative comment or lower star to your service or product, it affects the reputation of your store and repel other shoppers too. The customers leave any negative comment when they don’t get satisfied with the product or service they have received. The angry buyers put their anger into words and this can frustrate the sellers too. More often, most of the sellers don’t listen to their customer’s problems rather ask them to apologise for such comment and force them to delete it. But no action works on the customers. Before asking the customers to edit or delete their comment you must listen to them and make them feel that you care for them and regret for the inconvenience caused to them. Try to resolve the issues as soon as possible. The anger of the buyers may leave them and they might take their words back if they are treated properly. 

2. Take help of the Amazon

You can’t tight every nut and bolts.There can be certain single-minded customers who might not listen to you. For them, you can take help of the Amazon to delete their negative comments. But here you have to make sure that you are not at the faulty end. When there is mistake at the customer’s side and even then they are using the irrelevant words or some abusing words that don’t suit to the custom, you can ask Amazon to remove it. But before taking any action, Amazon will check the authenticity of your service. Be alert else it may take against you for being unresponsive to your customers. Amazon is strict for its sellers to make a good seller-buyer relationship

The cases when Amazon can remove the negative comment:

  • The comment contains offensive or abusing words.
  • The issue of fulfilment on FBA account
  • The comment attacks the sellers personally.

Note: Amazon has its own policies for removing negative comments. It can or cannot remove the comments until and unless it finds everything clear at the seller’s end. 

3. Don’t exaggerate the information about the products

More often customer’s reviews contain a sentence- Not same as expected or the product is different than it is shown. Actually, to attract the customers, sellers sometimes forget the flow and describe their products with the extra features and extensive information irrespective of the actual product details. When a customer gets attracted and buy the product and find it different than the described one, they feel cheated and show their feeling through the negative words in the comment. Be specific with the product details and description and include the real facts only that your product contains. This builds the trust and loyalty factor on them towards you. Don’t misguide the customers through irrelevant descriptions or images. Be accurate as it keeps the customers in no doubt condition. 

4. Visit your store and update the listings

The most irritating thing to customers is that they don’t get the things described in the list. As you might have specified about the color and size variation of the product, but in actual, when a customer goes to pick it, they don’t find the option. This wastes their time as well as spoils their shopping experience. You should keep on visiting your store and keep updating the stock. If you have not the specified stock and inventory, you should update your listings so that customers can make their mind, what they will be getting from your store. Don’t disappoint your customers. 

5.Always request feedback 

The success story of the Amazon business revolves around the customers and their experience only. When customers feel happy and satisfied with the services, they leave positive reviews and high star ratings else negative comments. To have the higher sellers ratings on Amazon, you need to have a number of positive reviews and especially when you have a negative one. So, every time when a buyer makes a purchase from your store, ask them to leave a review as this boost your selling spirit. Also, you can ask the customers for feedback directly through the Amazon Seller central account via Contact Buyer Feature. Leave a Thank You message to the buyer via email or SMS and ask them to leave their feedback and show that you are happy and eager to serve them again. Don’t start flooding of emails and SMS to request feedback. This can irritate them. 

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A 360-degree solution to deal with ecommerce customers is to treat them politely and humbly. If you fail in making customers or Amazon in deleting or editing the negative comment even then don’t lose the opportunity to prove that you are the best seller. Apologise and use soft words while handling the issue, this will represent your brighter side. The other readers and shoppers can judge the situation and your positive response will leave your positive attitude on them. Hire an Amazon service provider like evantage to take care of your customers and to deal with them timely and resolve every issue. To win the battle of higher ratings on Amazon, maintain the trust and loyalty among the customers, Amazon will automatically notice it.

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