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Get Prepared for Prime day on Amazon

Get Prepared for Prime day on Amazon

At the starting of the third quarter (Q3) of the year, the prime retailers of the Amazon would be getting the chance to accelerate their sales and fill the pots of money. The prime day on Amazon would likely to be held in the second week of July though Amazon has not announced the date of this big day yet. All the retailers of Amazon are preparing themselves to make this big day bigger even the biggest for them as well as for their customers.

The shoppers eagerly wait for the prime day where they can get the lightning deals and heartwarming offers just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Looking at the previous years' sales records, the prime day makes more money than any other day. For this big day, every prime seller and prime customers on Amazon are awaiting a more excited. But this year Amazon has become strict and will allow only those sellers to participate in the prime day selling whom Amazon will send an invitation for the same. 

How will you get notified?

Based on the seller performance and product visibility, Amazon will exclusively send the invitation to the prime sellers. The invited sellers would be allowed to offer the lightning deals on their best selling products. 

To know whether you are lucky to have this opportunity of prime selling or have to add more efforts, you need to log in to your Seller central account on Amazon followed by Go to Reports > Amazon selling Coach > Communication and if Amazon has chosen you and your prime products, an invitation will pop up. Congratulations!

Get Prepared for Amazon Prime Day

The prime day is expecting to have more than 90 millions of visits giving golden opportunity to the sellers to earn more money and establish themselves in the online market of Amazon. Let’s know the basics so that you could not miss this opportunity.

Maintain the Inventory of the Lightning deals products: 
On the Prime day, Amazon leverages its customers with several lightning deals that end in the limited time period (maximum of 6 hours). For this, your products must be eligible for prime shipping. Amazon promotes its lightning deals everywhere from its homepage to social media and through emails too to gain a wide traffic and visitors. Here you must prepare your inventory and revisit it once to take out the best selling products and also the products those are occupying your inventory space for a long time. By making it visible for the lightning deals, you can liquidate your Overstocked Inventory. Also, you should manage the proper inventory so that no customer can leave you on seeing out of stock as even a single customer would add profit to your sales. 

Work on the Advertisements and Promotions:

When you would get the invitation from Amazon for participating in the Amazon big prime day, you too work with Amazon to promote the products on every social media and also reach your customers through emails and send the notifications to the customers about the upcoming deals. Manage the campaigns and advertisements to promote the deals and products. This increases the visibility of products and drives more customers. The Sponsored Products advertisement will potentially gain more clicks, sessions, and sales. Apparently, this will enhance your organic ranking on the Amazon Search Engine Result Page.

Catch the attention with the compelling product Description

Optimize the product content on the occasion of prime day and attract the customers with the compelling content and description. Describe your products with the outstanding description and provide every possible information regarding your product that a customer seeks. But a point to be noted here is don’t gamble the words just for the sake of attracting customers. Any false information about your product would increase only the visits but repel the customers from making any  confirmed purchase. Be honest and serve your customers satisfactorily. To have powerful impact, SEO friendly content will be a magnet to add more visibility and customers to your products. Also, you can optimize the images in the Amazon way and add the high-quality and enticing images. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are having the products eligible for lightning deals and best selling products, then, prime day will be the best time to accelerate the velocity of sales. Having any difficulties in handling the Amazon account or struggling to add products in the store, approaching to the right service provider will be recommended as this is not the time to test but it’s time to have results.

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