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5 Major Categories for Selling- If you choose Dropshipping

5 Major Categories for Selling- If you choose Dropshipping

When you sell online, you more often search for the various techniques and skills that can help you in cutting cost, labours and would add more profit margin, boost sales and increase AOV of your online business. If you are selling on Amazon, then, you are lucky, as Amazon offers many facilities to its sellers to add convenience to their selling experience who in turn add convenience to the user experience. From its SPN & ATES to Amazon FBA and dropshipping facility, Amazon leverages its sellers with the helping hands. 

Being an online seller, you are responsible for assisting your customers right from the beginning when they pick any product, add to their cart and when they make their confirmed buying decision. Apart from this, the major role you have to play for your customers is of the prompt delivery service. For this, you need to manage the workers who can make the delivery at the right time if you own your warehouse and use MFN for order fulfilment. But if you don’t have your warehouse you are most probably using Amazon FBA which for sure costs you money and somewhat ruin your profit margin.

When you have picked Amazon to sell online, you might have been confused whether to choose MFN, FBA or dropshipping. Every order fulfilment process has its pros and cons. In MFN the seller is responsible for fulfilling the orders of their customers while in FBA, Amazon handles the order fulfilment behalf of its sellers. But with more ease, dropshipping is emerging as a convenient option that is attracting more sellers to utilize it. 
Dropshipping in a glance
To make you enlighten with this emerging technique of dropshipping in ecommerce, let me tell you what the dropshipping is?

The sellers who opt for dropshipping in a generic way are the mid persons who forward the order of the customers to the regarding suppliers. In a nutshell, dropshipping is a process in which the sellers need not take hassles about the inventory management and order fulfilment rather the manufacturer or supplier of the products are responsible for the complete order fulfilment and delivery to their customers. 

We have discussed the dropshipping, its traits and Amazon policy about it in detail in our previous blog. Read Effect of Dropshipping on Amazon Seller to get engrossed in dropshipping and how can you reap the benefits from it. Once you will be gone through the article and would prepare yourself to use dropshipping, let’s move further to know the beneficial categories and products on Amazon that you can pick to sell online through dropshipping.

Here the list goes….

1. Beauty and Health: The beauty and health products are always in demand. Customers prefer to buy the health, skincare and makeup products from the authentic brands. Therefore, opting for dropshipping of health and skincare products can be a smart decision. For this, you need to find the renowned supplier or manufacturer who has been involving in the beauty and health products from a long time and has built the loyal and trust among the customers because of their products and services. The right supplier and authenticated beauty products will increase your customer's graph and you can see a boost in your orders. 

2. Computer Accessories: Computer has taken a wide space in everyone’s life and therefore selling the computer accessories and associated items can be fruitful. Pendrives, USB cables, laptop accessories like battery, laptop case of the genuine brand will add sales to your online business. For dropshipping, you can contact the suppliers to have the deals and earn a profit at the wholesale rate. Here, you can implement bundle selling also.

3. Clothing: No doubt, the major section of the online market is captured by the fashion and clothing category. You can find the buyers shopping the apparels and clothes more than the other items. Therefore, to sell the clothes and putting your foot forward in the cloth section will definitely be fruitful. Find the manufacturer of garments and make a dropshipping deal with him. When you will directly contact the manufacturer, your profit margin will definitely be increasing as you don’t have to pay to mediocres in a deal between.  

4. Cell Phones and Accessories: Cell phones and the associated accessories are always in demand and customers require such items more frequent as the use of smartphones have been increasing day by day. Selling the latest Android smartphones can be a profitable item and when you contact directly with the supplier, you can have the wholesale profit margin. And once you sell the smartphones, selling its accessories will obviously profitable and applying bundling and discounts on the accessories will add more sales to your stores. The mobile covers, bluetooths, powerbank, memory card etc. will be advantageous. 

5. Party Items: Everyone loves to party and you can take advantage of their fun.  Start selling the party items and enjoy the boost. We are suggesting the party supplies include in dropshipping because these items are lightweight thus allowing easy shipping efforts at the supplier end and run with the least chance of damage.  

What you need to consider while picking the products for dropshipping:

  1. Be selective in choosing the suppliers and manufacturers.
  2. Make the deals in wholesale so that you can earn more profit margin.
  3. Select the lightweight and easy care items to sell on. This will cost you less to make a profitable deal with the suppliers and manufacturers. Be aware of the Amazon restricted products
  4. Though dropshipping involves no inventory management, yet you must ensure with the manufacturers and suppliers that they have the sufficient items in the inventory to fulfil all the orders positively. 
  5. Needn’t say, follow Amazon guidelines at every step. 

Final Words:

Amazon has initiated dropshipping giving the golden opportunity of high earning with no hassles of inventory and stock management. Since every product has its own uniqueness and demand among the audience, therefore, you can pick any category to sell on. But by observing the market trends and finding the more popular products you can draw your own graph of success. Dropshipping business gives many advantages to the online retailers. If you have not opted the dropshipping yet, the time has come to make your move.


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