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Know the Technical Points of Amazon MWS

Know the Technical Points of Amazon MWS

The digitalization and modern technologies are adding ease to everyone from the shoppers buying online to the sellers selling online. At this point, a big thanks to the Amazon who keeps on adopting the latest technologies to avail a good selling experience for its sellers which eventually contribute to creating a good experience to their online shoppers. For an ease, Amazon has brought Amazon MWS for its sellers which helps its sellers to automate their seller central account activities cutting down manual work to the larger extent. 

If you are not aware of the Amazon MWS, then, stick with us till the end to know about this technically advanced service of Amazon. Implementing it will be a good decision. 

What Amazon MWS is?

Amazon MWS stands for Amazon Marketplace Web Service, an API web service of Amazon allows the database integration of the seller’s information about listings, reports, inventory management, order fulfilment, inventory tracking and many more. This data integration with Amazon helps in automation at the higher levels enabling the Amazon sellers in growing their Amazon business. With the automation, the Amazon sellers would be able to reduce the labours, cut down the manual work, shorten the response time to customers and thereby increase the selling efficiency. 

Amazon MWS is an authentic service that uses confidential signatures to maintain the authenticity of the seller’s data. 

Do Amazon Sellers need to pay any fee for Amazon MWS?

No, the sellers are lucky enough and they needn’t pay any fees to Amazon for utilizing Amazon MWS.

What is the eligibility Criteria for Amazon MWS?

  1. To access Marketplace Web Service on Amazon, the online retailers need to be registered on Amazon and have their Amazon seller central account. 
  2. The other condition that the sellers must fulfil is- All the Amazon sellers wishing to utilize Amazon MWS, must have their Professional Selling Plan active. 
  3. Last, but an important condition is the seller must register themselves as a developer in the User Permissions.

How to Register as a developer on Amazon Seller central Account?

  1. Go to the User Permissions page in Seller Central.
  2. You will see the Amazon MWS Developer section. Here, you need to click at the Register as a developer button.
  3. Amazon will ask out to fill a developer form to register.
  4. To verify your email address, click at the Verify button.
  5. Lastly, click on the Signup button.

Once completed all the above steps, you will see a Developer ID on your screen. 


  1. Click at developer Credentials. Remember this is confidential, so be careful while sharing.  
  2. AWS Access Key ID and your secret key will appear.

Benefits of Amazon MWS For Amazon Sellers:

Since for accessing Amazon MWS, you need to register as a developer, therefore, you get the rights of developers also. You can build sellers applications for you as well as for other sellers also. These applications help in managing their online business.

Check out the benefits of Amazon MWS below:

Once you create developer applications, you can manage product sale look up, receive reports of inventory, can download the fulfilment orders, track the status of orders, confirm shipping, schedule reports. You need to interface the web service for using the API applications.

Features of Amazon MWS:

  • Order Management: API interface of MWS allows you to download the information about every order you get at your Amazon store, order acknowledgement, data for payment and can easily schedule reports.
  • Inventory management: With API applications, you can add and upload products to inventory directly, check the inventory and stock levels, examine and update the pricing information and every bit of inventory management is possible through MWS applications.
  • Reports Management: This is the widest use you can have from Amazon MWS. For analysis of your Amazon store account, you obviously need various reports to scrutinize. You can request every type of reports like inventory report, price report, order fulfilment report, tracking report etc. from Amazon and later on can easily download them to have the detailed analysis of your Amazon store.

Wrapping Up:

Amazon AWS is emerging as the beneficial tool for the Amazon sellers. You can easily manage your Amazon account through Requestreport, GetReportList option by using your report id. This eases every task in managing the Amazon account. This is the time when you need to get more technical to have more money and more profit in a customized and organized way.


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