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Know More about Easy Ship on Amazon

Know More about Easy Ship on Amazon

To help our Sellers and readers, we keep on sharing the Amazon services and how you, being an Amazon seller can utilize those services to have a good selling experience. You can find the useful and helpful information related to logistics and order fulfilment services like Amazon FBA, MFN, dropshipping. In this list, we have now come up with the information about Easy Ship service on Amazon.

Amazon helps its sellers in shipping and logistics through FBA and Easy Ship service on Amazon. In FBA, Amazon allows its sellers to keep their stock in Amazon fulfilment centres and fulfils their orders from behalf of its sellers from packing, shipping to delivery. Another facility that Amazon offers in the logistics is Easy Ship in which Amazon sellers keep their stocks in own warehouses while Amazon is responsible for the delivery part. 
Know more about Easy Ship on Amazon

  • Easy ship service on Amazon solves the problem of shipping and delivery of the products on Amazon. Let’s see how?
  • The Amazon sellers own their warehouse. They stock their products in own warehouse.
  • When they receive the orders from their customers, they only need to pack the products for delivery.
  • Then the ball comes at the Amazon’s end, an Amazon executive comes in a role.
  • The Amazon sends an executive to pick up the items from the seller’s warehouse who later ships the products to the customers and is responsible for the assured delivery. 
  • Amazon sellers need not bother about the shipping and fulfilling the orders. 
  • The buyers can track the shipping status and in any issue, Amazon is responsible for answering the customer’s query about order fulfilment.

In case of Returns

  • When the seller receives any request for return, then, it forwards it to Amazon. Again, the Amazon executive becomes active and pick up the product from the customer’s home where it had delivered.
  • After taking back from customers, Amazon executive drops the product to the concerned Amazon seller.  
  • Then seller does the needful of refunds and reimbursement.  
  • Know more about how Return and Refund take place on Amazon

How can you register for easy Ship?

Wow…No extra clicks to register for the easy ship on Amazon. With only one step you can register yourself for the Easy ship service on Amazon and reap its benefits. To access this shipping service, you only need to register yourself as Seller central on Amazon, automatically you will be eligible for Easy ship. Great! 

Benefits of Easy Ship Service:

This service of shipping and delivery of products has taken all the inconvenience the sellers face while fulfilling the order. There are many advantages of this golden service. 
Here the beneficial list goes….

  1. The Amazon sellers need not take any hassles for shipping and delivery.
  2. You only need to maintain your inventory, warehouse and packing.
  3. This saves time and efforts. 
  4. Amazon handles the shipping and delivery of the products to the byers.
  5. You don’t need an extra staff for delivering the products to the buyers. This reduces your tension of managing the staff.
  6. It saves your money that you may need to pay to the manual staff.
  7. In case of bulk orders, the order fulfilment becomes hectic. Right from order receiving to product packing, from shipping to delivering at the right buyer’s address becomes tedious and requires more time. Therefore, having shipping assistance with you will help you.

To conclude
This easy ship service on Amazon has reduced the efforts and hassles of Amazon sellers that they need to take for order fulfillment. Amazon sellers only need to keep their stocks and products in their inventory and pack it when they receive the order and then Amazon performs the rest part. 


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