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Top 10 Online Marketplaces to start selling  by evantage store usa

Top 10 Online Marketplaces You Need to Start Selling On

It seems you finally have decided to adapt the latest technologies and make a shift to the internet age! While you’ve reached so far, why not to embark your journey like a pro and take informed decisions? When you hear the word e-commerce, the first thing that comes to your mind is the names of certain marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc. And why shouldn’t they? After all these are the leading online shopping portals that have engaged most of the crowd today around the globe. These ecommerce magnates have changed the entire landscape of shopping and have made it an improved, optimized and a globalized experience for both the shoppers as well as the sellers.

So now that you’ve decided to start selling online, where should you market your products on? Where could you expect more value? Where could you reach out more at a global level? Where will your revenues escalate? The answer to all your queries is here! Here’s the list of top 10 ecommerce websites where you should start selling today, that will give out best outcomes:

1. Amazon: Undoubtedly, Amazon has become the leading online marketplaces that offer all range of products and services in almost all the nook and corners of the world. Allowing easy seller registration and boasting it’s customer satisfaction and value, Amazon should be your first choice to set-up an online amazon web-store. Further, you won’t be charged for your products until you store them at Amazon, an informed minimal amount shall be deducted when a purchase is made. And believe it or not, but according to a report from Business Insider, Amazon is the second-most ranked search engine, right after Google and may become the number 1 soon. So get ready to get rolling on Amazon!

2. eBay: Another name that comes to you while you think of ecommerce is definitely eBay! Enduring since 1995, eBay has emerged as the best online portal for rare and branded items - especially the collectibles and vintage goods. So if you have something to offer that is unique, ebay could give you a better start. But, you must be aware that good things come at a good price - and hence eBay charges you a selling fee of 10% of the sale value and you may need to pay an additional charge of $0.30 per item if you rise your stock above 50. This shall not intimidate you as the price is still fair when you compare it with the perks it provides!

3. Etsy: Founded in 2005, Etsy has become a center of attraction for the shoppers who love to buy uniquely created handmade items and vintage goods. It is a peer-to-peer ecommerce website that a lists millions of products and hosts ~90K merchants. While on one hand it charges $0.20 per item listed, it is still the best when comes to providing a large array of checkout systems - even the mobile options! You may create your own storefront, but designing it could be a little limitation.

4. Shopify: Unlike Etsy, Shopify allows you to design your storefront uniquely - allowing you to choose from hundreds of templates. Well, that’s not the only attraction, it further features a built-in, smart analytics suite for sellers and merchants to measure their performance and take better decisions. Also, it allows the e-marketers to choose a monthly plan, as per which it provides you a bonus of promoting your products on various channels including Facebook!

5. Bigcommerce: The most striking feature that may want you to sell on Bigcommerce is it’s strong social media integration, coupon codes and abandoned cart saver! You may customise your storefronts and provide your customers a comfortable shopping experience. However, it certainly comes at a price. Beware of the charges and add-up bills before you make any decision.

6. Bonanza: Just like its name Bonanza is a true Bonanza for you if you don’t have enough time and knowledge to maintain metadata, add listings and other inventory options. It features a Managed Merchant program under which you can focus on you business with less technical fuss! While it does not charge you any product listing fee, it does collect a closing fee dependent on the sales.

7. GoAntiques: Going by the name, it is one of the leading destinations of online shoppers who look for antique items. Unlike other marketplaces, it has no listing fee or sale commission. Rather, it works on a membership fee of $24.99 per month. You may edit your listings while viewing the sales stats side by side. However, you may consider the web-interface twice, before on-boarding your products here.

8. CaféPress: In this age of iconic sitcoms and movies like Game of Thrones, Avengers, etc. printed merchandize has become a trend! Thus, it allows various retailers to post up their designs and when the customer orders one, CafePress will do the on-demand printing and pack and ship the item to the customer. Also, it will handle the payments and returns. More profitable for retailers, it charges no listing fee, but a commision on sale, that you may preset or get 10% deducted from monthly royalty checks.

9. 11Main: 11Main is mainly for the shoppers as it provides them a rich, selected and well curated collection of products that is preferred by most online shoppers. Meanwhile, the other significant point that differs it from other marketplaces is an invite-only participation. Yes, only invited retailers can sell here with a listing fee of $0.05 per month per product. Also, it charges you 3.5% of sales upto a maximum of $50 per sale.

10. Zibbet: Well-known for selling handmade products and art, Zibbet is different from the other shopping portals in the essence of its free merchant plan! No listing fee, no commission! Yes, you can sell upto 10 items per month for free in this plan, but you may include only 1 image of your product. You may choose from its monthly paid plans programs if you wish to sell more. One of the nice places to start your e-selling at!

Since its inception , E-commerce has expanded globally and have changed the complete shopping scenario. It has brought a lot more than brick-mortar stores and is still evolving for providing better profits and more visibility to sellers. It has created many brands, endured new products and have made people aware of cross-country culture, fashion and technology. Thus, investing in this venture promises you good results. However, at the same time for the best experience you need to be more shrewd and wary, while understanding the terms and conditions that follow.

Bon Voyage!

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