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Hack the Ecommerce Business on Amazon with These 8 Essential Tips

Hack the Ecommerce Business on Amazon with These 8 Essential Tips

With the millions of products and millions of sellers, Amazon is the giant online marketplace all over the world. Every day more and more people hit the Amazon button to fulfil their online demands. This benefits the online retailers who own Amazon store. More customers mean more sales and more ROI in the business. The graph of sales rise more during the holidays and festivals and thus the online store owners experience the increase in the overall sales. Believing in the figures, every year the shipping and shopping rate gets doubled on Amazon.

Since the competition is high, therefore the Amazon sellers need to add tactics and work with the proper strategy to achieve the expected goal and profit from this marketplace. 

We are here listing out the essential tips that you need to hack the ecommerce business. Let’s mark it all and implement into your ecommerce strategy and see the difference. 

  1. Optimize the Title of Product: Product title is the first thing that connects the customer to the product. Therefore optimize the product title with the all possible keywords that a customer can search with. Include the long-tail keyword, phrase and popular search terms into it. The keywords stuffed titles work best in SEO and help you to take your product at the top of the user searches. It increases the visibility of the products. 
  2. Don’t take the back-end search terms lightly: More often the online retailers neglect the back-end search terms that might take them on the last page of the search engine results. Use all available 5 backend search terms fields and incorporate the keywords in every field. To know more about Backend search terms read our blog: Backend Search Term Optimization- Need for Amazon Seller Central. 
  3. Price of the product: The product’s price matters a lot to the customers. Around 80-90% of buyers make their confirmed decisions of purchase only after comparing the price from other stores. Therefore, you need to prove yourself as the cost-effective for them. To run for a long time, you need to maintain a balance between the cost and quality of the products to retain and attract the customers to your store. Remember, Right Pricing Strategy- Key tool for Amazon Marketing.
  4. Shipping Price: Have you ever wondered that why most of the customers leave you even on adding the products to their cart? Let us tell you, most of the time it is because of the shipping charges that you charge them to deliver their products. It suddenly increases the overall price of the products which the customers find it unaffordable to them and they leave you. This increases the cart abandonment rate. We understand that to deliver the products at the different locations cost your money. Try to include minimum shipping charges or even no shipping charge, if possible. Be wise, include the shipping charge into the product price without specifying. Remember, hiking the product price too much will not work. The pricing strategy needs to be optimized time to time. 
  5. The image is the magnet: As this is not the brick and mortar store, therefore, the image is the only way the customers envisage the product. Thus the clear and enticing images of the product are important. While talking about Amazon, it is more precise in uploading the images of the products. It has its fixed format for Amazon sellers to upload the images on the Amazon store. To avoid any discrepancy, it is better to process the images in the Amazon’s way. If you have no good and clear images of your product then hiring a professional photographer will be the best idea. 
  6. Use Amazon’s services of campaigns and promotions: Amazon offers the PPC ads and campaigns to promote and highlight your products at the top of its pages. Advertise the products through Amazon sponsored PPC ads and take the benefits of different PPC ads on Amazon.
  7. Be the member of Amazon Prime:  Amazon offers many deals for the prime sellers. It also boosts the chance of winning the Buy Box on Amazon. Affiliate the prime service of the Amazon and leverage your customers with the one-day or instant shipping facilities. It also helps in driving more traffic to your Amazon store.
  8. Affiliate Amazon FBA service: Be an FBA seller and forget all the tension about picking, packing and shipping the products. FBA allows its sellers to keep their inventory in its warehouse and on receiving the order, Amazon fulfils it behalf of its sellers. To be more favourable Amazon deals with returns and refunds for its sellers. There are many other advantages of FBA services too. 

At last, 

Amazon is a wide platform to earn money. It has many seller central favourable services to ease the selling experience of the online retailers. Don’t miss out any reason to sell on Amazon. You only need an effective working strategy that can turn your efforts into fruitful results. 
To become visible and to be at the top rank on the SERP of Amazon, you being an Amazon seller need to work from the scratch. Right from writing the title and descriptions of the product to make it live for sale and from SEO to PPC campaigns, there are many steps you need to follow to become a successful seller on the Amazon.

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