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Amazon New Move in Italy and Spain

Amazon New Move in Italy and Spain

From the year 2015 to 2018, Amazon has launched its business in different countries including the United States in the April 2015, in the Germany in the month of December of the year 2016, in the United Kingdom in the month of April of 2017, while in the same year of 2017 in the month of September Amazon business has been launched in India and Japan. Further, Amazon business has been grown in France in 2018 in February. In this series of expansion of Amazon business, it has recently announced the business expansion in Italy and Spain in this running year of 2018. 

This largest online marketplace has been widening its feathers and opening the new doors of opportunities for its sellers to flourish their business everywhere in the world. With its launching, Amazon business has been expanded to eight countries of Germany, United Kingdom, United States, France, India and Japan. This globalisation of Amazon business not only welfares the sellers but also the buyers who are getting the chance of boosting their shopping experience all over the world. 

The Amazon business owners can now deal in these countries to make money and reap the benefits of local language services and local delivery services of Amazon to serve the customers all over the world in a satisfactory way. 

Amazon appreciates every size of organization for flourishing their business and supports them with its easy and convenient facilities of ATES and SPN, Dropshipping, Easy ship service and many more. Amazon has large acquisitions of services and features helping the sellers and buyers to enhance their selling and buying experience. 

Let’s see what Italy and Spain are getting from Amazon business 

  • No Shipping Charge: For the orders of 29 Euro or more, the Amazon businessmen will be free of shipping charge. 
  • VAT Invoicing: Amazon offers its exclusive service of VAT invoicing and price detailing of the commodities. The United Kingdom, France and Germany including Italy and Spain can use this service. Also, the products those are exclusive of  VAT charges can be listed. 
  • Global Business Opportunity: The Amazon sellers can sell on multiple marketplaces through their single seller central account on Amazon. It globalizes the business opportunities and reduces the hassles to maintain the multiple accounts. 
  • System Integration: For allowing easy access to Amazon business to the sellers of the different countries, Amazon offers an integration of third-party solutions. 
  • Simple Purchase and Tracking: Amazon offers easy procurement solutions with easier tracking of the orders, delivery status and project codes, purchase orders to the customers of Italy and Spain marketplaces. 

To wrap Up

With the new services and facilities of the Amazon business, the Amazon sellers can now reach the customers in Spain and Italy. These Amazon sellers can serve the customers globally and can use the unique features. They can use VAT calculation service that generates the VAT invoices automatically behalf of the Amazon sellers on the respective orders. If you want to sell on the marketplaces of Italy and Spain, then, you can use your Amazon seller central account and reap the benefits of Amazon services. 

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