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Amazon has Announced  its Holiday Restrictions for Toys and Games

Amazon has Announced its Holiday Restrictions for Toys and Games

Amazon has imposed the holiday restrictions for its sellers selling in the toys and games category. From the last year, it has now changed the time period for these restrictions. As in last year, i.e. in 2017, Amazon holiday season was started from November 2017 and lasted to January 2018 i.e. this year whereas for now, Amazon holiday restrictions will get started on October 17 and will last till January 5, 2019. 

If you are one of the sellers of toys and games, then, be cautious in this holiday period. Amazon has set some guidelines that you have to ensure before these holiday season to be eligible for selling in the specified category. 

But, before revealing the criteria and conditions of Amazon, we would better suggest you check and improve your order metric performance regularly. Trust us, it will help you further. 

In our blog section, earlier we have described what the order improve metrics is and how can you improve to get a better repo on Amazon. 

Read it out now- Improve your Order metric Performance

Let’s hear what Amazon says about its Holiday Season-

If you are an existing toys seller or wish to sell in the toys and games category on Amazon, there is a list of conditions Amazon has put for you. Tie a belt and make the checklist to be eligible for a period from October 17, 2018, to January  5, 2019. 

  1. The first condition is that you must have your first sale before August 18, 2018, and here Amazon is not strict that it must from toys and Games store only rather you can sell any item to get qualified.
  2. Between the period of August 1, 2018, to October 01, 2018, you need to ship and process at least 25 orders completely. Again, the orders need not Toys & Games store specific.

Now it comes to the order Metric Performance of your store and set the limitations for every parameter.

  1. In the month of September 2018, (from September 01, 2018 to September 30, 2018), the pre-fulfilment cancel rate must be lesser than 1.75% (Too much low than the specified 2.5%)
  2. In the same period of September, the late shipment rate must be lesser than specified 4%.
  3. And, order defect rate must be less than 1% till October 1, 2018.

At last, in its disclaimer, it states that-

  1. The orders fulfilled through FBA are not subjected to the criteria specified above provided your Amazon account should hold the good position. 
  2. For every marketplace, you need to maintain the order metric performance to be good separately.
  3. Amazon has every right of cancelling the candidature of the sellers, prohibit the products (if finds irrelevant or hazardous). Amazon in no case wants to spoil the customer experience in its golden holiday season. 

Find out the products restricted on Amazon with Cure and caution

So, what and how should you do?

  1. We have already told you to keep eye on your Order Metric Performance of every store on every marketplace.
  2. Manage your orders efficiently without delay and damage so that there will be no cancellation or return from the buyers.
  3. If possible, use FBA for maximum products.

For more tips, we hope you have already read our previous blog on Improve your Metric Order Performance.


Be prepared for the holiday season on Amazon. Amazon will further notify you about the final announcement by October 11, 2018, and will start its scrutinization on October 17, 2018, to approve the sellers to sell in Toys and Games Category. Since August has already arrived, so if your order metrics show a red alert or negative values, keep yourself busy in improving it and assure your seat in the Toys and Games category in the holiday season. 

If you need any assistance, you can come to us at evantage. We have been helping many Amazon sellers to manage their sales and manage a good-seller buyer relationship which helps in decreasing the cancellation and returns rate. Thus helps in improving the order metric performance of your Amazon seller central.

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