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How to get Business Analytics report on Amazon

How to get Business Analytics report on Amazon?

If you sell online, then, there are many tasks that need to be managed along with the order fulfilment. To manage the business and its operation, you need to maintain large excel sheets containing various order reports, bar charts and every detail report for further reference and proper business management. This might be hectic when you have back to back and bulk orders at your store. To track every order manually will definitely be cumbersome.

But as always Amazon eases the tasks for its sellers to manage their store and orders so that they can strongly concentrate on improving the customer experience and always serve the customer in a good way.

Amazon has the business analytics option for every Amazon seller where it collects the records of every order and its sales. You can here filter and create the reports depending upon you need it in your business. 

Here we are listing out the options that Amazon gives to its sellers for the business analytics without any hassle of management. 

How can you view and access the business reports?

  1. Log in to your business account on Amazon.
  2. After login, you can access the templates those you have created while Amazon store setup.  
  3. Click on Your Account for Business followed by Business Analytics tab.

Here you can customize the template data and filter the report with elementary ways depending on the need of your business reports. 

  • On clicking the Show button, you will get the sub-button where you can select orders, returns, refunds or reconciliation list.
  • With the help of Time period filter, you can filter out the report in the specific period by applying the date range. You can customize the reports on the daily basis, weekly or monthly. 
  • Organized by allows you to organize the order reports in different folders of users, seller credentials, product categories.

After customizing the data in the template, save your template. Here you will be asked to add a title to your templates. 

Once done, you can check the templates by clicking on View Saved templates.

Other Filters you can apply to your template to view reports:

  1. Click on Show more filters
  2. Select on Manage columns to add or remove the columns in your template reports.
  3. Finally, to get the reports, click on Download CSV.
  4. Amazon allows you to download 5 reports back to back by organizing it in the queue.

What does Amazon not allow its sellers for now?

  1. If you are a prime seller on Amazon and have registered your items for prime shipping, then, you would not be able to get the Amazon business analytics report for prime orders you are having at your store. 
  2. No reports for software downloads and digital music on Amazon.  


With the Amazon business reports, the account management becomes easy and consumes lesser time. You need to handle every order and sales manually, rather within seconds you can download it from your Amazon account. The business reports are very helpful in analysing the growth of your online business on Amazon.

If you find it tedious to manage your account and do not have free hands-on Amazon reports handling, then, you can take an assistance of Amazon service provider like evantage who expertly handles the account of Amazon sellers on their behalf and manages the business analytics reports and contributes to the growth of Amazon store.

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