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Sell Your Professional Services on Amazon

Sell Your Professional Services on Amazon

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos has accepted that customers are the king of every business and his company constantly works to improve the customer’s service. He has mentioned customer’s satisfaction as one pillar of its success when he was talking about its four success pillars and therefore every time upgrades its service for the customer. In this series, Amazon is now allowing its sellers to sell their talents and skills and serve their customers with the services they need. Now you need not worry about the latest products that are prevailing in the market as you can sell your professional services on Amazon. 

Amazed? Yeah...You should be. But it is true. Apart from products and items, Amazon is now offering the services to the customers to ease their housework.

Whatever talent, skills and services you have, you can sell it on Amazon and earn money, provided you must serve the customers satisfactorily and complete the jobs by going at their home. After the job completion, you will get your money. Amazon does not charge any fees for such services to its sellers rather only the share of revenue.

Let’s see what type of services can you sell on Amazon?

The services for home cleaning, electric services, TV or electronic items assembly services, Domestic repairing as handymen do or any job a customer requires can be sold on Amazon. 
By introducing these services, Amazon is helping its sellers to earn money as well as Amazon customers to get served and satisfied. An excellent way to popularize business. 

Criteria for selling Services on Amazon

  • General Liability Insurance: For selling the home services, you need to have the General Liability Insurance having a limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence. You need to present the insurance at the time of registration.
  • Licensing for Trade Professions: A license or certification for certifying that you are a professional service provider (HVAC specialist, Electrician, Plumber, Contractor etc.) under the laws and regulations.   
  • After submitting the required documents, you need to update your schedule and job on the Amazon. 

How can you sell professional Services?

  • You need to install Amazon selling app (It is beneficial for many purposes as well) on your mobile phone.
  • Make your account on Amazon.
  • Submit the licenses and start selling.
  • In Amazon selling app, there is an option of selling services on Amazon. You need to fill the type of service in the Amazon list. You need to submit the pre-packaged schedule of your services. 
  • From the available list of services, Amazon will pick you when the customer’s requirement will fit into your calibre, quality and serving area. 

How Amazon offers services to you?

  • Amazon handpicks the sellers who can serve in the required area.
  • Amazon checks the services offered by different sellers and requirement of the job from the customers, according to which it sends an invitation to the sellers.
  • After accepting the service, when you will complete the job, you will be paid by Amazon as customers will pay to Amazon directly.
  • Amazon only charges few percentages of its share-no extra store upfront cost or no advertising cost. 

Benefits of Selling services on Amazon-

  1. No upfront cost: Amazon charges neither startup cost, no subscription fees for a month nor any advertisement charge to the sellers.
  2. Real Jobs: The customers are asking for the real services. No tension of generating leads as you do in your Amazon store.
  3. Less Competition: Amazon sends the invitation to the sellers by sorting the requirement of the customers, therefore, you will face the lesser competition and if you are best at your service, more will be the chances for you to get the job.
  4. Builds Trust of Amazon Customers: When you will serve the customers satisfactorily and that too at their home,  a trust bond will definitely build that will help in growing your business. ‘


Amazon is now leveraging its sellers with more opportunities to grow their business. If you have done any certification in any type of special service and if you feel that it will help the customers, you can earn money with your talent. The only thing you need to keep in consideration is to be best at your services and be strict in following the Amazon rules. As you already know that Amazon is very strict in its rules and regulations and therefore without the licenses submission, it will not let you sell your services on Amazon.

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