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Expand your Business on Amazon in Denmark

Expand your Business on Amazon in Denmark

In Copenhagen, a Retail Digital Future Conference was held in June 2018 and retailers had discussed Amazon and its success moves in the market of e-commerce all around the world. The conference has given rise to the rumours that Amazon is preparing to expand its e-commerce store in Denmark as well. On hearing the news we decided to know the reasons behind such innuendo in Denmark. We started finding the facts and figures and come up with the below real facts.

In Denmark, the e-commerce market is at its boom and it is increasing year by year.
In 2017, around 176 million online sales were recorded in the history of e-retailing generating 114.6 billion DKK in revenue. This is 9% more than that were in the year 2016. And, this year the online sales are expected to increase by 14%.

So, we guess, the Amazon is well known with the facts and therefore willing to expand its business in such a country where millions of people are fond of online shopping. 

See, what the Danes love in online shopping:

  1. Wide Range of options: The survey in Denmark has shown that around 38% of Danes think that the online stores offer a wider range of choices than the bricks and mortar stores. This makes the online shopping exciting for the people in Denmark.
  2. Cost-Effective: 28% of people in Denmark think that online shopping saves their money. They find the items cost-effective and cheaper in online sales and stores.
  3. Doorstep Service: The strong point of online shopping that attracts more shopper towards it is the doorstep service, they receive and ease of ordering from anywhere at any time. So, how can the Danes be away from it? 30% of Danes love online shopping because of its convenience and easy handling at home. 

What makes Amazon more popular among buyers as well as sellers?

There are 3 main factors, the retail experts say making Amazon people’s first choice. They are:

  1. Transparent Policy: Amazon transparency and its affinity to provide the best customer service has won the hearts of millions of customers. People like Amazon more than the other e-commerce sites because more or less they lack in serving the customers as Amazon serves. Amazon has far clearer policies to serve its customers satisfactorily. Returns and refunds easily take place on Amazon. It has A-to-z-claim facility and an approach for resolving the customer’s issues promptly and quickly. This builds the trust bridge between the customers and Amazon. 
  2. Amazon Prime, a Boon: Amazon prime creates a difference among other retailers. The one day or 2-day shipping service of Amazon to its prime members hit the large crowd towards it. This prompt and timely service of Amazon builds a loyal factor and binds the customers to it for a long time. 
  3. Amazon FBA for sellers: Not only for customers but Amazon has many helpful policies for Amazon sellers as well. The Amazon FBA and shipping service have been reducing the hassles of sellers in dispatching the orders to the customers. With FBA, the sellers become free of handling the shipping troubles rather Amazon does it for them. 

How can you take advantage of Amazon?

  1. The most advantageous point of selling on Amazon is you can utilize its good fame and have the customers who already trust Amazon and choose it among other platforms. 
  2. With the built faith and trust over customers, you can increase your sales and earn money, provided you leverage your customers with the best customer services. 
  3. With a single seller central account on Amazon, you can sell in multiple marketplaces and expand your reach worldwide.
  4. Since Amazon offers FBA and shipping services, therefore, you need not maintain an individual warehouse rather you just need to manage the inventory at its warehouse. With this, you can stock the products in large volume and set up your inventory.
  5. It saves your time and extra operational fees that you could spend on your order managing and handling team.


Everybody knows that Amazon is a leading e-commerce platform worldwide. With a larger fan-following, the retail experts say that Amazon will occupy a large chunk of the existing retail business in Denmark. As for now, Amazon is the fourth leading company in Denmark and as always it is trying to hold the first position. It is looking for the way to expand its business everywhere and therefore this can be not less than a win-win situation for Amazon. 

If you too are looking forward to expanding your retail business then Amazon gives you all reason to flourish. With its services of selling on multiple platforms from one Amazon account, you too can sell on Denmark platform irrespective of your physical location. For any assistance, Amazon has its guidelines and ATES and SPN expert service or you can hire an Amazon service provider to take you at the step ahead with Amazon.

Come to us at evantage, a leading Amazon provider and flourish your retail business.

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