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Tips to Get more Positive Reviews and Feedback on Amazon

Tips to Get more Positive Reviews and Feedback on Amazon

Being an Amazon seller, you surely would want to have:

  • Higher rankings
  • more buyers 
  • Positive reviews and higher ratings
  • Ultimately more sales of your products
  • Improve AOV

You might have taken various actions to improve sales, get more reviews obviously positive and drive more customers yet may lack in achieving the expected targets. In the series of online selling, we know how important the reviews and feedbacks are for your online store. These reviews not only affect the sales of the products but also help Amazon in scaling the order performance metrics. 

Before going to any trick, let’s see how impactful these positive reviews are-

  • The online shoppers make their buying decisions based on the reviews and comments left by the earlier buyers.
  • The positive reviews drive more customers while negatives take away the customers. 
  • Good and favourable reviews are helpful in building the buyer’s trust while low or neutral feedback of the customers may lack in attracting the new customers towards you. 
  • Nonetheless the impact of these reviews on buyers, it also plays a crucial role in the Amazon algorithm for measuring the seller performance. 
  • Amazon calculates the seller rating and based on the overall performance of the products, it decides whether to make the item visible or not for the customers.
  • On the basis of positive reviews, Amazon identifies the popular products and more are the chances it will make it for the BuyBox and will give a higher ranking on its page.

Knowing the importance of positive reviews, many Amazon sellers come to us bothering about how to get positive reviews from customers. Many times, Amazon sellers can be seen forcing the buyers or offering the incentives to them for leaving their positive and valuable comments. But Amazon does not support such sellers and has its strict guidelines for them. 

So how can you get positive reviews from customers without crossing the boundaries of Amazon? 

Have a look- what to do?

  1. We always say that the best quality products and services are the way to take customers to your store.
  2. Prompt and quick services are the magnet to attract customers. It will make them give a positive response and comment when they get happy with their quick order. 
  3. Thank the customers for choosing you as their service provider with a warm message with the invoice of the products. It will give them an heartily feeling to them. 
  4. Send them a Thank You message like Thanks for choosing us or We would like to serve you again, through email and push notifications after fulfilling their order. 
  5. Accelerate the automate email services to them. Message them about their orders, status and order fulfilment date and let them familiar with you. And then ask them to leave feedback for your service.
  6. Building a good seller-buyer relationship on Amazon is important for having positive reviews for your store. Replying and resolving the customer issues quickly and efficiently will increase your repo in front of both-Amazon and buyers. 
  7. Communicate with your customers in a friendly manner and resolving them timely and effectively will increase their reliance on you.
  8. Serve the customers satisfactorily and then ask them to leave feedback about your service. We are sure they will give you a positive response.
  9. In case of any negative comment, politely ask the customers and know the exact reason for their dissatisfaction. (Know: How to deal with negative reviews on Amazon)
  10. Solve the issue of the customers and politely ask them to remove their negative comment.

What not to do?

  1. Don’t cheat the customers while fulfilling their orders.
  2. Don’t delay the orders and its fulfilment.
  3. Don’t force any customer to give a positive review or higher ratings. It may irritate them.
  4. Don’t bribe or offer them any gift or incentive for leaving any positive comment. This is totally against the Amazon policy. If Amazon would find you in bribing customers, it may suspend your account.’
  5. Don’t get hyper or angry if you get any negative comment or low star rating rather deal them calmly and try to know the exact reason.


To get positive reviews, there are many small things that if taken care properly can take you and your products at the higher position while building the customer’s trust in you. Before taking any action or implementing any strategy, always consider Amazon restrictions and do not ask customers forcibly to leave the positive reviews. If you have many products in your Amazon store and finding it difficult to handle customers, you can take the assistance of the Amazon service provider who can take care of your customers properly.

We at evantage has a team of members who regularly communicate on seller-buyer message on behalf of sellers to respond Amazon and customers promptly and serve them satisfactorily.

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