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6 Common Mistakes are Ruining your Sales on Amazon

6 Common Mistakes are Ruining your Sales on Amazon

Running an Amazon account can be said sometimes tedious and tough as there are many rules and guidelines for the Amazon sellers and we understand that it takes time to understand every rule of Amazon. Apart from understanding the rules and guidelines for selling on Amazon, you as an Amazon seller need to work on the strategies to attract customers, drive traffic and pre-post-order fulfilment process.
Though it’s not at all tough to manage an Amazon seller central account most of the times you commit some silly mistakes (don’t get offended) that should not be done and thus lead you in failing. While focussing on the bigger aspects, you might miss concentrating on the small deeds making your target far than you.

Here we are collecting the simple mistakes that you might do (being human it is possible), ultimately will affect your Amazon store and selling.

1. Having Multiple Seller Account on Amazon: Amazon permits to have only one account for a seller. But more often, to earn more and fast, the sellers register themselves on multiple accounts on the same marketplace and violate the Amazon policy. For this, Amazon might suspend every account and you stand bare hand. Don’t become greedy. Amazon offers many advantages for selling on Amazon. 

2. Redirecting Amazon buyers to your personal or Business Website: Amazon does not allow its sellers to propagate their business as it is not an open source platform. Having a personal business is advantageous to earn but redirecting the Amazon buyers from your Amazon store can be dangerous. Amazon does not want any seller to violate its policy of selling. Don’t try to befool Amazon by adding a URL to a description of any product in your store.

3. Choosing the wrong Category: Most of the times, sellers remain in the dilemma of choosing the category of the products they are selling. When you list the products in the wrong category, then, the chances of getting more buying clicks to get reduced. You must be wise enough to select a category to make your product easily visible and buyable to the buyers.

4. You might have listed restricted products on Amazon: Before picking the products for sell on Amazon, you must go through its restricted products and categories on Amazon and then select the popular products to earn profit from Amazon. Generally, the seller couldn’t recognise the reason for getting their account suspended and stay behind from earning from Amazon. 
In case your account gets suspended and to be safe- read: How to save yourself from getting suspended on amazon seller central???- Reasons & Reinstatement

5. Higher Shipping Price: The other reason that might be behind low sales is an expensive and non-affordable shipping price you are rendering from Amazon buyers. The shoppers check the price and then the shipping price associated with the product, and if and only if they find it affordable they go further else leave the product immediately. The expensive prices more often violate your sales margin. 
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6. Improper Order fulfilment: Another mistake that is done by the Amazon sellers is not fulfilling the orders on time. The sellers do not abide by their words to the customers and this disappoints them. With the tracking facility, a customer can easily track the status of their arriving order. You should be honest in providing the information about the products they have ordered. For proper and timely services, the customers will reward you with the positive comments and feedback while for late deliveries and the wrong order they might leave the negative feedback and low star ratings. 
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Amazon is serious when it comes to serving its customers. Any error or mistake (may or may not be deliberate) done by Amazon sellers can ruin their repo and dream of earning from Amazon. So, we suggest you check the above list for your Amazon account and services you are offering.
In any case, if you find any trouble, you can ask the assistance from the experienced service provider of Amazon like us at evantage.

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