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Amazon Launchpad Program a

Be a part of Amazon Launchpad Program and boost your Profit

Amazon, in the series of helping its sellers especially who are a novice on Amazon and want to flourish more, has offered its another helping hand in terms of Amazon launchpad programme.
Amazon with the vision of serving the startups has launched its program where it makes everything easy right from launching a new product on Amazon and helps them until the newly launched products come in the center of attraction of the buyers.
In its launchpad program, Amazon has a panel of experts who guide the startups how to launch a new product, how to make it discoverable among the potential buyers and also helps in marketing and promoting the products with the latest marketing tools.
What Amazon Launchpad program offers to its sellers?
Amazon aims to serve the startups right from launching their new products to make a profit from the products whilst in the process it does many essential jobs.
  1. For the sellers, who neither know the nitty-gritty of Amazon now the first step of selling on this gigantic marketing platform, Amazon offers its helping hand in launching.
  2. The expert panel of Amazon helps their sellers at every point when they feel even completely blank about the Amazon process.
  3. Offers global infrastructure to promote the products
  4. Works with the powerful and effective marketing tools to promote your brand story, success story and give it a global reach.
  5. Helps in delivering the products to the crowd of potential buyers.
How the sellers can register in Launchpad Program?
Amazon makes it easy within 4 steps mentioned below:
  1. To take the benefit of Amazon Launchpad program, every seller needs to register to Amazon seller central account. Here you will be asked for the verification process and submit few essential documents and once verified you will be called for the program.
  2. Send the products in the Amazon fulfillment centers and warehouses so that Amazon can help you in delivering and order fulfillment in a faster manner.
  3. Submit the associated information about the products, you would be selling. It will ask about the content, product specifications, photos, videos and also if you have any creative and innovative story about your product launching.
  4. At last, sign the launchpad program, pay the fees and start selling on Amazon.
What are the benefits of this launchpad program?
Since this program is new for the Amazon sellers, they ask us about the benefits of the program and should they go with it or not. Therefore, to answer them we have listed every benefit of the program in the favor of the Amazon sellers.
1. Faster Launching
When it comes to launching any new product, it requires many works to be done and of course your time. But if you choose Amazon and give it a chance to launch your products, Amazon efficiently and quickly performs every job from setting the Amazon account and holds you till you get your first sale in lesser time.
2. Gives Discoverability
Amazon does not leave you just after launching the product rather it remains with you to take you at the further level of business. It offers its helping hand in making the products discoverable among the buyers so as the new products can get more buying clicks.
3. Brand Building
It’s a fact that the buyers easily get influenced towards the branded products. Amazon through its launchpad program helps in building the brand detail pages for glorifying your products with the rich and enhanced brand content. It also helps you in building and promoting your success story among the buyers globally.
4. Launch Faster
We help you get your products to market quickly, from account setup to your first sale. Take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment network to launch fast and with a bigger impact.
5. Global Reach
The more important benefit of Amazon launchpad program is that it is a global program. Therefore, it offers a global reach to your business. All around the world, Amazon will help you by offering the Amazon fulfillment services and Prime shipping benefits
6. Time saving and effective
For the startups, it takes too much of their time in understanding every process and guidelines of Amazon to take their first step forward. But when you join with this Amazon launchpad program, you can save your valuable time as Amazon will be performing every essential job for you. This saved time can be used for thinking new and innovative ideas for your business, making the new strategies and how can you compete in the market and earn more money with Amazon.
Amazon launchpad program is beneficial for the sellers.  For the new sellers, who are putting their foot forward in the journey of Amazon, this program will add fur to their cap.  In any type of query, you can take the assistance of the Amazon service provider like evantage to take you to the further levels of making the profit on Amazon.

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