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Effective Tips- How to provide Technical Support to the Customers

Effective Tips- How to provide Technical Support to the Customers

Most of the time, the buyers find some problems in their purchase and they turn to you for solving their issues either with the products or services or sometimes they want more information about the product but end themselves with the technical scripted word supports. This no longer works and most of the customers leave such sellers immediately. 

Customers when seeking any type of support from the buyers, they want the exact response, not the buttery and cheesy lines. No customers want the scripted language in their answers when they are looking for the real-time resolution of their queries. Here, the customer support makes the difference. 

To become popular among your customers and even in cases of disputes, if you want to be lovable and viable for them, you need to learn some phrases that can allure your customers and seem convincing to them. But this doesn’t mean that only words will work, you would also need to act on it. 

What type of questions do customers generally ask?
Different customers ask different question depending on what they want to know.

  1. Some may ask about their order ID or shipping status.
  2. Some want to know more about the products or some want to know how the product works.

Their queries may go from simple to difficult but they want relevant answers that can satisfy them and to add more trust, you must use the soft and polite words while serving them. 

While reaching the possible results, there can be many situations when you or your customers might lose patience. But for you, keeping patience and calmness is always recommended.  

So here we are giving you the lines that you should always include in your email body or text messages-

While writing an email and doing customer support interaction, don’t forget:

  1. To show your gratitude for them as they have chosen you. Here you can include a Thank You message or a line like “Thank You for choosing us”.
  2. Point out the main issue they want to discuss and answer it relevantly.
  3. Lastly, when you would have answered the query, then,  you can invite them to join you again. 

Here are a few suggestions:

1.Add a point to point answer 

We appreciate that you have all types of technical support and chatbots but to answer the human, you must go through the human behavior before forwarding them the scripted lines. To answer their query, you should include every point that solves their query. The customer does not want to know everything most of the time rather they want a specific solution. 

2. Ask for an apology, if any

In case you were not able to deliver the exact service customers demanded or in any confusion, you must ask for the apology for the inconvenience they had to suffer and then continue with the further process. This makes them feel warm and will bring them close to you.

3. Be calm and polite in returns and refunds issue

Dealing with returns and refunds issue become sometimes hectic for the sellers. The customer might not get the color they had ordered or get the defected item or in case they just want to return the product because they could find it attractive enough in reality. So, here you have to patient while dealing with them as well as till the process gets completed. Don’t use any aggressive words even if you have no fault.

4. Ask for leaving feedback

No matter, what is the case and how long did it take to get completed, you should ask the customers to leave their feedback in a positive manner. Don’t force them, Amazon does not support any bribed review or feedback. Be aware of the Amazon guidelines. 


In an online business, since you do not directly meet with the buyers, therefore, it becomes more difficult to convince them only by words. But though the words are powerful and therefore you should use them wisely.  While drafting an email or writing a technical support answer to the customer, you should include the convincing words that could make trust factor over you.

The seller-buyer relationship is important and crucial on Amazon and therefore you should focus on it. If you are finding it difficult to manage the customers or finding any inconvenience in giving the technical support to them then you can take the assistance of the Amazon service provider like evantage. We strongly believe in serving our customers with sheer support.

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