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Amazon New Initiative- Launching of Storefronts for small businesses in the US

Amazon New Initiative- Launching of Storefronts for small businesses in the US

Amazon never goes out of fashion. Its ever serving quality makes it popular among everyone. Amazon is famous for serving its customers more satisfactorily than other marketplaces even than its sellers. This habit of prioritizing the customers sometimes makes amazon sellers groaning and sometimes they call Amazon the only caretaker of customers. We can say to counterbalance such thoughts, Amazon has taken a new step in the welfare of small businesses. 

Amazon on Monday has unveiled its new step of launching Amazon storefronts for the small sellers to reach a larger audience. The only constraint to this good move is that for now, this Amazon storefront is for the U.S. sellers only.   

Why Amazon has taken this initiative?

Though Amazon‘s serving quality (both to sellers and customers) cannot be questioned yet there are buzzes all around about the launching of the storefronts. For this, we came to know that on the .com market, there are around 20-30k small businesses selling on in US and Amazon wants to make them flourish on a larger scale. This would not only help the sellers to flourish but to the Amazon also. And, yes, this is the move of Amazon in the game of online selling.

Amazon knows there are already other marketplaces like eBay, Shopify or personal e-commerce website where the small sellers can sell and earn. And if taken lightly, the small sellers selling on might go to other platforms and therefore, through this program, it is helping the small businesses to sell more on Amazon.

How will the Amazon storefronts beneficial for the sellers?

No doubt, every step of amazon is beneficiary for the Amazon sellers. 

Let’s see what the storefronts have in their bags-

  • On its storefronts, Amazon is highlighting those sellers who are already have been a part of Amazon selling. 
  • Through the storefronts, Amazon will make the sellers popular by making the mix feed videos, share their profiles and highlight their products on Amazon store
  • Amazon will add the highlighted business to its marketing campaign. 
  • The storefronts would have a wider display of catalogs and will have a fancy touch to it.
  • The product catalogs will easily be discoverable on the basis of different categories like Pet supplies, Home, Kitchen, Books and having a new touch it won’t be surprising to see a category named women-owned business, artisans and niche products or family-owned business. As ultimately, Amazon is aiming to take the small business to the peak.
  • Apart from including the new categories, Amazon will not forget to emphasize its already established products and categories. So no loss to the existing Amazon sellers.​


Amazon storefronts in 2018 are way similar to its earlier launchpad portal that helps the startups to get established on Amazon and meet their goals. Initially, that launchpad was for US sellers only but later on it expanded and reach all over the world. In the same way, we can expect the Amazon storefronts services to reach other location of the world.

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