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Amazon’s new announcement

Amazon’s new announcement

Have you noticed the Amazon’s new announcement? Amazon on October 1, 2018, is going to make some changes in the seller's dashboard metrics. This announcement has made some Seller central sellers happy while some are tending to Amazon for such amendments.  

We all know that on the seller’s performance dashboard on Amazon, there are many reports section appear. The seller performance metrics used to show many parameters of the Amazon sellers including Late Shipment Rate, Order defect rate, Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate, Refund Rate metrics, Contact Response Time etc. Amazon uses all those parameters to calculate the seller’s performance and to check whether the Amazon sellers are meeting the customer’s expectation or not and whether they are serving them satisfactorily or not?

Why these parameters are important?

Amazon calculates the seller metric performance (Order metric performance) in its scheduled time based on which it decides the seller’s behavior in serving its customers.
If the parameters reveal negative results, Amazon warns its sellers and even in worst case, it might suspend them from selling on Amazon. 

Let’s see, how the things gonna be change by October 1, 2018-

  1. Amazon is going to remove the Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate from the live dashboard.
  2. Also, Contact Response Time and Refund metrics will be removed.
  3. It will launch a new customer experience report with the voice of the customer.

Amazon says these changes in the seller central dashboard will help Amazon to check the health of the Amazon account in details.

Get a Clear idea about these parameters

  1. Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate-  It shows the percentage of dissatisfied customers due to unresponsiveness of the Amazon sellers in the Buyer-Seller Messaging.
  2. Contact response Time- The time taken by you (Amazon sellers) to respond to the buyer’s query.
  3. Refund rate Metrics- The percentage of refund generated from your seller central account. 

How adding the Voice of the customer experience is Helpful?

As announced, Amazon will launch the new report metrics and therefore add a voice of the customer experience to the dashboard. Let us tell you, the voice of the customer experience will tell you about how do the customers feel about the seller’s services and products. 

  1. The dashboard will display the comments and messages left by the customers for the seller’s services. This can be about how the sellers have solved their issue or returns or refunds or how much do they like the seller. 
  2. Amazon says this comment section will help the sellers to improve their performance. 
  3. Also, this will help the sellers to improve their seller-buyer relationship and responding and resolving to such issues will decrease the customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate and Refund Rate.


Nonetheless, the Amazon sellers are more excited about this new announcement. The sellers having belief on their performance are ready to welcome any type of change in the dashboard as they know that they are serving satisfactorily to their customers and therefore they don’t need to be afraid of voice report of the customers. 

In any case, if you are having any issue in dealing with your customers and building a good seller-buyer relationship, that might lead to an increase in customer dissatisfaction rate then you probably required to work on your business strategy. 

Taking an assistance from Amazon service provider like evantage will be helpful to sail on Amazon with its new policies. 

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