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 7 Fundamentals Tips to boost your Sales on Amazon

7 Fundamentals Tips to boost your Sales on Amazon

Do you want to be more popular among your competitors?

Obviously yes! You are definitely searching for the approaches or strategies those could take you ahead. You might have adopted various plans, might have invested your money on promotions, campaigns, and advertisements yet not getting the fruitful results. So, stop investing your valuable money and time and look at the fundamentals of online selling which are very simple.

The moment when you register yourself on Amazon or any online marketplace, your competition starts. So, why not take the beneficial steps right from the beginning when you list your first products on the Amazon dashboard.

We are telling you the tricks to boost your conversion rates and measures you should take while listing your products. 

Here they are-

1. Know the strategy of your competitors

Be intelligent and know your competitors and their approach before you list your products. Get the list of sellers who are selling the same products and focus on their approach to reach the customers. Look, how do they describe the products, what specification they have given and what are the additional advantages they are offering. Finding out the answers to all questions, describe your products and services in a better way. 

2. Go through the competitor’s reviews

While launching any new product in the market or even selling the existing ones, we recommend you should go through the reviews for those products on your competitor’s store. See, in what way your competitor is better than you and how the customers are reacting to their services. See, at what point, the customers are giving positive feedback and at when they are leaving their negative comments and suggestions. Analyze every feedback, compare your product’s features and then list out everything. 

3. Use Keywords Searching tools

When it comes to describing your products, you should use the terms that are familiar to the buyers. Any blur or incomplete information might misguide the buyers from making their purchasing decision. Here, keywords become helpful.  Use the keywords searching tools and find the best keywords that suit your products. These keywords tools will help you in getting the high search volume keywords and phrases that the users search with. Include these keywords in your product description while listing. This will help in making your products easily searchable and visible to the buyers. More easily buyers will see your products, more are the chances to click at buying button.
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4. Focus on strong backend search terms

The backend search terms are very important while you do listing on Amazon. When you list the products on the Amazon dashboard, it asks for including the backend search terms. These backend search terms are nothing but are more keywords that are related to your products. Amazon in its A9 optimization algorithm optimizes all the keywords including the backend search terms based on which it gives product ranking on its search engine result pages. After analyzing the keywords used in the product title, description, bullet points, it optimizes the backend terms. 
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5. Effective and engaging Product Description

After finding the keywords and backend search terms, start writing the descriptions. Here, a detailed description is recommended which effectively describes your product and its specifications. Product title, Bullet points and description should include the right keywords at right places. Avoid keyword stuffing. 

6. Real Images & Videos

After completing the description with the highly searchable keywords and backend search terms, next comes the image of the products. Since Amazon store is not a brick and mortar store, therefore, the buyers have only option to see and feel the product is through their image. While listing, take care of the right and proper image that could describe your product in real. Include a high-resolution image, every aspect, and angle defining the product. Amazon has specific criteria for uploading the product’s image, don’t forget to follow. Also, if your product requires any manual assistance or demo, then, you can include videos too. 
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7. Be specific where you are best

No doubt, there are millions of products on Amazon and billions of sellers selling similar ones. You can be one of them, but what will you make different is your representation. While describing your products, you need to be very clear in specifying the advantages that are exclusively related to your products. For example, if you are selling the bangles, that could be handmade or unique in their design, famous in a particular region. The niche products or the items on which you exclusively offer the guarantee or seller service. Be specific! Mentioning that images may differ from the real products due to lightning effect will be an honest approach. 


If you need any help in writing the products descriptions or listing the products on Amazon, you can come to evantage, an Amazon Service provider. Our team knows that fetching the right and higher volume keywords and fitting it to the right place is a mental task that others may lack, but knowing the tricks of an A9 algorithm of Amazon, we expertly accomplish the product descriptions and feed it with HTML tags. 

While listing, taking the above fundamental tips into consideration will help in getting more buying clicks on your products. With these tips, you will save your time and money in making other stuff. Simple tweaking the competitor’s information could also be helpful to you but don’t copy completely. In Amazon optimization, the duplicate content gets the lower ranking on the SERPs. Be original and display the reality only. 

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