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Best way to rank Amazon Products

Effective Measures to be Taken to Get Higher Rankings on Amazon SERPs

As people search for everything on Google, likewise go to Amazon when it comes to search for buying a product online. Amazon is the first choice of the shopaholic and online buyers and this makes it the first choice for the online sellers too. Amazon has become the platform for all sellers including small retailer, a wholesaler, vendors, manufacturers, and even those want to sell as their hobby, Amazon is there for all. It is providing the chances to the novice sellers with the niche and unique products. 

This is creating the competition among the sellers as there exist millions of products on the search engine page of Amazon. For this, Amazon has its own algorithm to give ranking to the products depending upon their visibility and searches.  This urges you to take effective measures to make your products easily and more visible to the buyers. It is neither simple nor tough just it only demands an effective marketing strategy including SEO and SMO along with good quality of products and your prompt services. 

Understanding the Amazon guidelines and its optimization algorithm, we have listed the important measures that can take your products to the higher rankings and make them easily visible to the online buyers.

1. Quality is always first

The very first thing that customers search in the product is the quality for the money they will pay. Whatever you sell, if it does not deliver the quality the customers will not be buying any of your products. Leverage your customers with the best quality of the products as well as the services so that they could come to you for their next purchases. 

2. Control of your keywords

You have definitely seen that, on Amazon, the sellers do not just use the simple name or title for the products rather there are sentences, phrases defining the products at a glance. This is all to be done to have an optimized ranking in an Amazon search algorithm. It focuses on the keywords and the trending words that the customers use for search rather on focussing on the grammar or sentence formation in the title, due to its machine learning capability. So, for you, it is also important to focus on the right and user-friendly keywords for your products and more important where to use them to make your products visible on the Amazon search algorithm. This improves the chances of sales and buying clicks. 

3. Perfect product listing

While listing on Amazon, you would be required to add a product title, bullet points, description, and images with the right words and right description make the difference among your competing sellers. When you lack any information in describing the important and advantageous features with the higher volume search keywords of your products, the items would seem less interesting and useful to the buyers as well as to the Amazon in its search algorithm. Therefore, while listing the products on Amazon, you need to be specific in writing the description with the accurate HTML tags and backend search terms

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Here, you can be wise while writing the description as for the cheaper products you can be settled with just bullet points while for the products for a higher range should include a detailed description, specifications along with bullet points. If you are selling the branded product or you own a brand then going with Enhanced Brand Content will be fruitful. You need to be perfect in listing on Amazon for every type of products you are selling on the Amazon.

4. Register for FBA for order Fulfillment

The order fulfillment process is very crucial for the sellers, as the customers want their order quick (due to excitement or need) and that too with quality service. For order fulfillment, you have two options on Amazon, either you have MFN or go with FBA. In MFN, you need to be very conscious right from the customer orders your product to the time it gets delivered to their destination and also for the return and refund (if any0> this becomes complex, tedious and time-taking. Whereas in FBA, you can easily outsource all your tasks and complexities to Amazon. Once you register your product for FBA, Amazon becomes responsible for every work. From order picking, packing to shipping and even for the return and refund on Amazon, everything will be taken care by Amazon itself. 

5. Do follow Amazon guidelines

Not to repeat, Amazon has its own set of rules and regulations for the sellers where it tells about what to sell, what not to sell, how to sell and how to serve its valuable customers. It has the list of restricted categories on Amazon which could harm the buyers or selling principal and therefore it obligates the Amazon sellers not to include such products in their Amazon store. You too need to follow its guidelines when you are selling on Amazon. Also, while listing the products and adding the backend search terms, you should also comply the Amazon keywords research process and consider the Amazon optimization algorithm to avoid the wrong keywords and restricted words within the Amazon list.


All the above mentioned basic will help you in working with the effective SEO and SMO to reach the audience easily. Though Amazon provides many options for advertisements through its different types of PPC ads which are no doubt effective and result-oriented the above tactics will help you in having sales through the organic way only. As selling online on Amazon requires many processes need to be done even after seller central registration. You need to list your products, manage your inventory and warehouse and thereafter need to be prompt and quick in fulfilling the orders. 

For such service, you can ask the Amazon service providers like us at evantage who work right from the Amazon central account registration to Amazon store set up and further selling process in behalf of the sellers.

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