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Three Key Metrics to win Buy Box on Amazon

Three Key Metrics to win Buy Box on Amazon

Amazon has its own search engine optimization algorithm based on which it gives rankings to the products. The ranking decides the visibility of the products on the SERPs. The visibility and popularity of the items among the Amazon customers contribute to the sellers in winning the buy box on Amazon.

Since there is no specific parameter that we can say for Amazon as it is the king of its own and has its own algorithm which it can change anytime (most of the time it frequently changes). Though there are certain parameters that make your product eligible for buy box on Amazon those most of the time Amazon checks. 
How does a Buy Box look like on Amazon?
If you have ever purchased from Amazon as an online buyer, you definitely would have seen there seems another product option at the right side of the product detail page which you can add to the cart. This is referred to the Buy Box on Amazon. No doubt, the Amazon buy box increases the chance of more buying clicks on the products as it directly appears at the time of making final purchase and if customers find the product more relevant and needful, they can instantly click on the buy button or add to cart for their next purchase.  
Eligibility for Buy Box-

  • Professional seller account on Amazon: The very first thing to become eligible for winning the buy box on Amazon is you must have Professional seller plan on Amazon rather individual seller plan. 

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  • Unique or Popular Products: Next, your product should be convincing to the customers so that Amazon can check its popularity and make you eligible for selling those products through buy box. The niche products can be advantageous for your online Amazon store.

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How to check the buy box eligible status?

Through your Amazon seller central account. There will be a message from Amazon showing that your product is eligible for buy box that means to be displayed at the right side of the product detail page.

Three Key Metrics to win Amazon’s  Buy Box 

Winning buy box on Amazon is not the result of any single parameter or effort meanwhile it requires the collaborative approach to be visible on the top of Amazon search page and to stand on Amazon to win the buy box. The overall impact that Amazon sees for your product is how it serves the customers and how the customers like it and your services. In this series, there are three major factors that help the sellers to compete for the buy box on Amazon. 

Here are they:

1. FBA access

Registering for Amazon's FBA means transferring all the hassles of pick pack and ship to Amazon. This improves the seller performance metrics as Amazon responsibly delivers the product to the customers. There occurs no chance of delay or mistaken product at the seller's side.  More the accuracy in serving and satisfying the customers, more are the chances to win amazon's heart and in turn, chances to win buy box. 
2. SFP or MFN

Next comes, fulfillment by merchant itself but with aided service of Amazon prime. Shipping and delivering the products to the customers through your warehouse can also be beneficial. The only thing you need to take care of is the speed and efficiency of your service. To boost your speed, you can use prime service of Amazon i.e. Seller Fulfilled prime (SFP) which allows you to ship the products within one day or two days. 

3. Price

The first thing that attracts the customer is the affordable price with the quality. Amazon makes the decision of whether to give a buy box or not on the basis of the landed price of your products. It refers to the total cost of the product along with the associated shipping charges. Lower the prices, more the chances to share the buy box with you. So, if you have the lower order metrics, you can lower down the price of your products to be in the competition in the market. 

winning buy box on Amazon is not difficult if you take care of a few things along with having the professional selling plan on Amazon. Constantly working with Amazon ethics will open the doors of success on Amazon along with the ultimate satisfaction of the customers towards you and your services. 
Evantage helps the sellers to boost their sales and earn the chances of winning the buy box on Amazon. come to us to fly the flags of success on Amazon. 


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