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What to Sell on Amazon

Clothes, Toys or Electronics - What to Sell on Amazon??

Being a novice online seller, picking the right products to sell is always difficult for you. You must be in search of popular and profitable products which can take you in the market and make you stand in a strong position. You might have stuck in whether to sell apparels, toys, electronics, food items or any niche product
If you have selected Amazon as your online platform for making your eCommerce business flourishing then, you need to be extra conscious about best and restricted products to sell on Amazon.

Here, we are giving you the tips about how to select the right products for your online Amazon store without crossing the Amazon’s limit.

  1. Give a try to following tips, before stocking your inventory:
  2. Search the market and list out the popular and trending products.
  3. Find out what the customers are buying more and frequently.
  4. Find out the popular category also as which is the best category most of the buyers search for. 
  5. Check out the volume of the products’ purchases.
  6. Analyze every category on Amazon and see the purchase rate of every product.
  7. Check out the price variation and offer on the popular products
  8. Once you get raw data about the popular and trending products by following the above-mentioned points, check your selected products with the Amazon's guidelines of selling.
  9. There is a list of restricted categories on Amazon as well as of popular products. Compare your list and remove the products (if any)  which could be harmful to the buyers or in any way are against the Amazon’s criteria of selling.

There are other fundamentals also which would help you in picking the profitable product for your online business. 

1. An extensive research is required: The very first thing that a would-be online seller must do is extensive research. Go to the market and search for every aspect of other sellers selling the products and buyers making their purchases.  Get to know the trending products, their purchase rate, the volume of sales, Google's trends, buyer's interest, and seller's offerings. Based on which you can be sure about your caliber that what can you offer the customers with the extraordinary services so that buyers will get to you.

2. Know Every Category: There are many categories on Amazon viz Apparels, Accessories, Footwear, electronics, Toys, and Books an many more. Before piling your inventory with any product, know every category and its scopes. Let's say if you pick apparels, then, there exist many options like whether you want to sell the men, women, children or kids apparels. You can include accessories, jewelry while you can also pick toys and books, whichever you find more profitable in your research. 

We have figured out the most popular and profitable categories on Amazon. Do find them and start making money.

3. Don't underestimate competition: Amidst your research, if you have found out the right product for selling and you feel that it will be profitable for you but don't forget to look at your competitors. Check out their stores, prices, offerings, buyer's feedback, comments, and reviews. These will help you in managing your store, profitable price and quality which can make your stand ahead of others.

4. Check the Social Media: The social media has become the new and popular source of information. We recommend you to be proactive on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Line, Snapchat etc. as here you will find out more customers. Reach them, it would help you in knowing their interests and likes. Read out the comments of the buyers and prospective customers about their purchase and find out what the customers demand and how would you fulfill their needs. 

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5. Budget is important: Budget is important for every business. Be wise in spending every single penny and stocking the inventory for your Amazon store.  In the initial days, you can store the lesser inventory and depending on the demands and buying clicks, you can add or minus the inventory. This will save you from spending money on unwanted products if you, in any case, had stored in your online store.


While starting online selling on Amazon you might be wondering around clothes, accessories, books, and toys but you can give a thought to the niche and unique products too. Selling unique items like handmade clothes, handcrafted, and ornaments, house decorative items can be more profitable. You can stand different with launching niche series products in your Amazon store. Evantage with its Amazon consultancy services can help you out in finding the right products with precise sales-boosting strategy.

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