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Check out the sales on Cyber Monday

Check out the sales on Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday have ended and now Cyber Monday is on its way to an end. But this is not, in any case, would stop the online shoppers. They are making and breaking every record of online sales. Year by year, the retailers are seeing a hike in the customers’ response, purchases, shopping volumes on these big days. Cyber Monday has been setting records every year for having maximum sales in the year. 

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How Cyber Monday is becoming Popular?

It was the year 2005 when Cyber Monday had started for the first time on the internet. It was a step taken to encourage shoppers to make online purchases. Gradually Cyber Monday has got the pace and people got crazy about online shopping.

The online sellers have been adding their efforts to bring more sales to their online stores. Amazon is helping them out widely. For now, Cyber Monday has not been a day only but it is being celebrated for a whole week before and after Thanksgiving Day including Black Friday

What the sellers are doing on Cyber Monday?
Every year, Amazon brings lots of deals for its customers and gives the money-making chances to the Amazon sellers. It has started offering hot and cheap deals for millions of products including clothing, accessories, shoes, electronic appliances etc. on this Cyber Monday week. 
  • About 90% of the online sellers offer a wide range of deals to the shoppers on Cyber Monday week. 
  • Around 45% of retailers offer the coupons, vouchers and gift cards to the buyers. 
  • One-third of the sellers believe in offering one-time promotions during Cyber Monday sales. 
  • You can’t avoid the impact of social media on people’s mind. It is social media only which can change the mindset of the people. Therefore more than 80% of the online sellers are moving towards the social media to reach more and more audience.
  • They start sharing the posts, promotions, campaigns, offers exclusively for Cyber Monday week on every social media and including Amazon campaigns on their Amazon stores.
How Cyber Monday impacts the average sales every year?  

The hot deals and offers, the lucrative discounts have been contributing to increasing the AOV and store’s revenue of the Amazon sellers. 

Let’s have a look at the sales on the Cyber Monday of the previous years:
Year  Sales (in billions)
2009 $0.887  
2010 $1.038
2011 $1.3 . 
2012 $1.5
2013 $2.29
2014 $2.5  
2015 $3.04
2016 $6.6
2017 $6.59
This is increasing the competitions among the sellers to win more customers and it becomes hard to put more sales in their bags. Here the smartphones and social media are playing an important role in connecting the sellers and customers. Every year, the rise in sales has been noted and the main reason behind such an increase is the increase in the use of smartphones and the internet. About fifty percent of conversions have been done via smartphones. Around 1-3rd of people solely use the smartphones for online shopping while others use other devices and even 46% of people do desktop shopping. 
Thanksgiving, Black Friday and now Cyber Monday!  With the end of Thanksgiving Day, everyone is now focussing on Cyber Monday. Looking at the growing graph of sales, the internet retailing is expected to go beyond $523 billion by the year 2020 with an almost 10% raise every year. Smartphones and Social media are making the selling battles easy. The advancing technology and ease of access to the smartphones will change the overall shopping experience of the buyers and sellers.
Though Amazon does not need any specific day to have its customers rather it is favorite among its customers for all 365 days. We at evantage help the Amazon sellers to run their seller central account to sell their products and earn money on Amazon.

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