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Tips to Reduce Pain of the Amazon Sellers during Holiday Season Selling

Tips to Reduce Pain of the Amazon Sellers during Holiday Season Selling

Last month, Amazon had brought Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in which the online buyers worldwide had made their purchase and took the Amazon selling record on the top of the every e-commerce platform. Now comes the big days of Christmas and Happy New year and Amazon is all set to offer the many reasons of shopping to its customers. 

The holiday shopping always has been a big event for the retailers and they get busy in fulfilling the buyers' orders back to back. This creates the need for a strong order handling team, a proper inventory, and stock in your Amazon store and the fast possible shipping service. 

There are many things that not only an Amazon seller but also every retailer should focus on pre-holiday and post-holiday selling season. We are listing out factors which could reduce the seller pain when you will get engrossed in holiday selling. 

Here it goes:

1. Check Out Listings: It is very important to check out the listings of your Amazon store before you are planning to sell in the rush. Here you need to check whether your Amazon store is showing the right listings or not. Check the items you want to sell are listed properly with the accurate specifications, information with precise keywords, product title, and right images. The items listed on your Amazon store should be same as in your inventory so that you can fulfill the customer’s demand. Any wrong or misleading information could repel the customers from making their purchase decisions from your Amazon store. 

2. Inventory Management: It is really a tough task to calculate the accurate number of inventories for a particular season and it gets tougher when it comes to the holiday season when people are in full mood of shopping. You could never know what items will be purchased more or not. The improper inventory calculation could lead you either out of stock or stock overflowing and capturing the space in the warehouse. Depending upon the earlier purchasing records, customer’s needs and search, likes and usefulness fill up your inventory house.
Keep analyzing the order performance metrics of your store and fill up and out the inventory accordingly to manage the multiple orders efficiently. 

3. Pricing Strategy: For the Amazon buyers, a holiday season is the best period where they get the billions of products in the affordable prices. Amazon gives a wide range of offers, gift cards, cashback, flat rates, discounts to most of its products. Therefore you as an Amazon seller also to be precise in costing. Make your pricing strategy properly with cost-effective products and at the same time a profitable price for you too. Check the products in your inventory and reprice them. The products which are there for a longer time could be offered more discounts or used in the cross-selling. While the trendy and demanding items 
For the holiday season, there comes the need of pricing and repricing of the products in your Amazon store.

4. Running ads and campaigns: Don’t wait for the last moment to get ready. You already know the dates of Christmas and New year and the enthusiasm of the buyers for the holiday season. Therefore, get prepared with the campaigns and sponsored ads for the Products, discounts and offers you are about to offer to the buyers on these big days of shopping. Making the sponsored ads and PPC ads live a week or two weeks prior to the big day will aware the buyers about the deals so that they could make up their mind to buy from your store.

Amazon offers many types of campaigns to the sellers. Read to know more: Thinking to go for Sponsored Products Ads (PPC Campaign)

5. Shipment Service: an effective and fast shipment service is an important factor in Amazon selling. But most of the time, Amazon sellers miss taking care of the shipment facility while focussing on getting more sales and purchasing clicks at their store. But believe us, taking the shipment and order delivery slightly might cost you hardly. The buyers nowadays prefer the faster order processing. They check the order delivery time and mode. Most of the buyers go for prime shipping option only. So it would be better if you add your products to Prime shipping service of Amazon. And also accessing FBA for the shipment will cut the burden from your shoulders and will give a timely shipment and delivery service to the Amazon buyers behalf of its sellers.

6. Be prepared for Returns and Refunds: Hopefully, you will not get any request for return and refund from any buyer. But as always prevention is better than cure. So here also, you should be prepared for how to deal with the returns and refunds on Amazon. First of all, make your team to process the order fulfillment properly i.e. the fastest delivery, delivery on the estimated date and the most important of all in shipping the right and undamaged product. But in case, if there occurs any mistake, just accept it and process their return and refund request as per the guidelines of the Amazon. It will create a good repo of your as an Amazon seller. But don’t repeat such mistakes frequently. It affects your order performance metrics.

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The holiday season is the best time for the Amazon sellers to reach the expected goals of their Amazon store for this year. Amazon seems in no mood of letting its customers off from the purchase. Every time it gives a new reason for shopping. It has already issued the shipping deadlines for the sellers to ship their inventory to the Amazon warehouses before the big days start and people start rushing to make their buying orders. So don't delay. Just dive in the Amazon opportunities for making money in the retailing.

Evantage is always there for your help who works with the Amazon guidelines for selling and Amazon store setup and sales-boosting tips to grow your online business.

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