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Attributes of Amazon Store Every Amazon Seller Should Know and Use

Attributes of Amazon Store Every Amazon Seller Should Know and Use

For the online shopping, Amazon has been the first choice of the millions of e-buyers. It has been delivering its best in serving its customers for many years. For creating a good shopping experience to its customers Amazon offers the wide chances to its sellers. In this series, Amazon offers its sellers to create Amazon stores of their own. 

Who can create an Amazon store ??

  • Every Amazon vendor seller can utilize the benefits of the Amazon store.
  • Also, any Amazon seller who is a brand owner can also create his Amazon store. 

Fees for Amazon Store-

Yeah….It’s really a golden offer of Amazon to its sellers that the Amazon store creation is chargeless. It is a free service which the Amazon vendors and brand owners can access easily.

Why create an Amazon Store?

Though selling on Amazon itself is a beneficial step for online retailers to drive customers and it becomes more customer-driven when it gets blended with customer driving engagement activities. Amazon store allows its sellers to create more customer-engaging activities with brand-awareness to them.


1. Exclusive Design: Amazon has a list of Amazon store templates. Every template is customizable which you can customize by your own and add the uniqueness you want in your store. The new templates allow you to showcase your brand.

2. The range of Activities: The Amazon sellers can include multimedia to their products. It boosts the shopping experience of the buyers. You can manage, maintain and validate the products listings as well through Amazon store. 

3. Built-in Promotional features: Amazon store is coupled with social sharing features and button. It is also integrated with promotional extensions for your Amazon products. You can utilize the Headline Search Ads to turn the visitors into customers and drive more traffic.  

4. Uniqueness: The Amazon store you will build will be unique to you. You can customize your own store with the designs, templates and brand promotions you want in your store. With your creativity and Amazon store customizable features, no two stores will be the same. 

5. Self-Customizable: Amazon eases the seller’s effort in creating the Amazon store’s design. It requires no prior knowledge of website designing or storefront development. It has a simple user interface features where you can customize the templates for your store as well as products and brands. You can create different templates for featured products, sub-brands depending on the categories.

To drive traffic:

When you all set up with the Amazon store with attractive templates, the time comes for promoting the store. For this, we are giving you a few ways. Include in your marketing strategy and start selling more. 

  1. Promote the store and products both online and offline beyond Amazon.
  2. Promotions should include brand driven activities. 
  3. Headline Search Ads should be included in the promotions to target the right audience.
  4. Link the URL of your brand of unique Amazon store.
  5. Share it on every social media platforms to reach every type of audience. 
  6. Optimize the store’s performance and analyze it from time to time. 
  7. You can use the automatic tools and Amazon report of Order Metric Performance of your store.  


the Amazon buyers. It proves to be very effective in customer’s engagement. Moreover, Amazon store creation costs no money to then sellers rather it brings more chances of getting and driving traffic to your store. 
So, what are waiting for? Just log into your seller central or vendor central account and utilize the opportunities. In any case, you get stuck in setting, managing or handling your Amazon account, we at evantage is there for you.

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