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How To make an engaging  E-commerce product page - 10 must haves

How To make an engaging E-commerce product page - 10 must haves

The increase of e-market with trending and vying e-shoppers have influenced the shopaholic and shopping lovers. The e-market, online shopping has now become reliable, easy and well furnished market for a wide variety of items, services and brands which satisfies the growing demands of customers. A single word by customers on online website  opens a gamut of options of available products. 
Ecommerce product page in few lines:
Ecommerce product page is the information containing page about the product or services of any service provider or store in online market as Amazon. It is the product page, which has the power to convince a customer to click and buy the product immediately. If customer finds any information lacking regarding his/her query, then the chances are less that customer would stuck on your product or brand. Hence, ecommerce product page is valuable asset for both the customers as well as the online shopkeepers. 
A Perfect Blend-  
1. An ecommerce product page should be a perfect blend of information what customer wishes to see for their product’s choice. 
2. The advertisers and promoters should have a keen eye to avail the proper information on the product page to attract more customers and satisfy their needs and queries.
Must have 10 Features-
There are some must have features for an ecommerce product page. Let's have a look….
1. Title: Obviously, the name or title of the product is necessary. So the customer can know about what the product is. So clear and specific title should be displayed on the product page first.
2. Detailed Product Description: Before buying any product, customer searches for every possible information and product description related to it. Thus the product page should cover the lots of information and description with enhanced brand content, when customer scrolls down the page of product he/she wants to buy. The available sizes/dimension/weight/colour should also be included.
3. Qualitatively Product Images: Clear vision makes clear understanding what the actual product is. Customers always want to have a perfect look of his/her desire. Thus a clear HD images with proper image editing should be displayed describing each possible aspect of product.
4. Product’s Video: Before investing money on any product or brand, customers always love to know- what the product is? How it can be used? For any moving or working product- how the product should be operated? So what would be better than a video? The video key will unlock the door of market.
5. Availability information: The availability information of the product, a customer is looking for can help the customers to go for other in case of out of stock. If there is no such information, then customer may order unavailable product, which later on cause disappointment and inconvenience to customer which may lead to untrust and misbelief towards the specific brand.  
6. Add to cart button: The cart is like a shopping bag where we keep our stuffs to buy. In online shopping, Add to cart button enables customers to put their desired products into a shopping bag and atlast on clicking to buy completes the shopping search.
7. Payment Mode: Whether the cash or cashless payment, debit card or credit card, the payment mode information should be provided so that customer can opt as per ease and comfortable. Lesser the formalities, more the convenience and more would be the customers. 
8. Appropriate delivery and return policy information: No customer loves to have any confusion for what and how they are spending their money. The product page should contain detailed and clear information about the price, delivery and returns information in case of any issue.
9. Contact Number: The contact number should be specified so that  customer in case of any doubt or confusion can ask and resolve. 
10. User Reviews and Feedback: The compulsory feature for a productive ecommerce page is the ‘review and feedback section’. The buyer always glances the reviews by other customers of the product and brands. The positive reviews about your product glue the trust and reliability towards you and your brand.
The above guidelines will definitely add more customers to your brand as they would infer every information by scrolling the product page.


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