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Amazon’s Portfolio for Advertisements

Know More about Amazons Portfolio for Advertisements

Whoa….Amazon’s next move to ease the selling experience of its sellers. It had been difficult for the sellers to manage the budget of multiple campaigns for different products and brands simultaneously. Amazon understood this problem of the sellers and therefore has brought a new feature for managing multiple campaigns and their budgets. 
What is Amazon Portfolio for advertisements?
It is an effort of Amazon to ease the working of the advertisers on Amazon. With this portfolio, the sellers can manage, review and collect the data of every expenditure done on the campaigns and advertisements as a whole for a specific period.
What does this Campaign Portfolio allow?

  1. The sellers can organize their expenditures and budgets.
  2. According to Amazon, advertisers can now manage the total spend of multiple campaigns within a specific date range.

How this Portfolio works?

This feature removes all the hassle of manual campaigning targeting and renewing the campaign on the deadline or extending when an end date comes. 

  • It works in a group where you can combine all the promotions and campaigns of your products and brands and decide the budget for all campaigns.
  • Once the budget exhausts, all the campaigns stop, until you don’t add more budget to your campaign.
  • Again, if the end date comes, then also all the campaigns and promotions get stopped until you re-run the campaigns. 

Advantages Of Portfolio:

  • The very first and important advantage of this campaign portfolio is you can manage all the campaigns simultaneously.
  • This new portfolio eases your account analyzation task. You can view the total spend and sales and export every detail of the campaign from the dashboard. 
  • You can check the performance of your campaign and also find the cross-campaign results on Amazon.
  • For the vendors who manage several budgets and brands campaign or for the service providers who manage the Amazon accounts of their clients. 

Working with different campaigns and ads and managing the sales, performance, and budget could be quite hectic. The customizable portfolio allows the sellers to manage every type of campaign and its budget in an efficient manner. 
We at evantage manage the complete seller central account for our sellers. We understand the importance of PPC ads, sponsored ads and every type of campaign and run efficiently on Amazon account.

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