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What Amazon Thinks of Products Packaging

What Amazon Thinks of Products Packaging??

The mammoth online selling platform, Amazon, is the rarest thing to avoid nowadays. Both the sellers and buyers find the amazon beneficial and feasible for them. For the online sellers of Amazon, it has the list of facilities to make money in their online business while selling on Amazon. For the Amazon buyers, Amazon has a gamut of products, offers, and good-will serving feature to make its customers happy and satisfied.

In this article, you will come to know what Amazon thinks about packaging without damaging the products and the surroundings. Amazon is not only taking care of its sellers and buyers but is also aware of the environment. It takes care of the packaging material and ensures that it neither harms to the people nor to the environment. 

1. Amazon works with manufacturers directly

For the better quality of the packaging material, Amazon collaborates with worldwide manufacturers directly. Amazon asks with the manufacturers about their cutting costs, wastes, performance metrics, and tests the products before implementing it into packaging and shipping.  

2. Amazon packaging keeps the products intact

Amazon has its vigorous testing process and centralized labs for every packaging labels. Amazon has a set of testing steps for the manufacturers to come with the intact packaging quality for the products. Any failure to the test will take the packaging into the vein. It has labs at many Amazon fulfillment centers having highly equipped machines to make and test the materials with the fewer wastes criteria. 

3. Customer’s feedback is important

Hope you are aware of the fact that your buyers can share their feedback for the packing experience as well. But if not, and you take the packaging process leniently then it can harm your performance. Amazon has its Frustration-free packaging program where the packaging has to follow all the set guidelines. Any negative feedback from the customer will affect the other customers also and ultimately to your service. It will repel the new customers from your store too. Amazon recommends its sellers to improve all the time and it really appreciates.  the improvements and 


You must have noticed about the customers demanding for return and complaining about the damaged products they have received. It irritates the customers when they pay for shipping and packing and yet receives a damaged or broken product. Amazon understands the pain of the buyers and therefore it takes everything while packaging and shipping.

If you too have received such complaints about your orders and packaging, then, don’t take it slightly as Amazon counts it as a negative performance and it affects your performance metrics. You need to be extra aware and caring while packaging the ordered items from your warehouse and then shipping to the final destination. 
To avoid such hassles, using Amazon prime shipping service will be beneficial. 

We at evantage help the Amazon sellers in improving their online sales and performance with a good seller-buyer relationship.

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