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Facebook Store Vs Amazon Store

Facebook Store Vs Amazon Store

When you look forward to establishing your business, the first question arises in mind is where to locate your store; so that maximum customers can easily approach you. In physical store location, a small area in a crowded street is far more advantageous than a big one in a lonely region. No customer would love to visit a distinct shop. 
In today’s scenario of growing technology, people have no time to waste in searching for a shop for the items they desire. Thus, they prefer online shopping. Buyers don’t need, in fact, don’t want to go at particular physical/real estate shop when they have multiple options of stores, products as well as varieties by being just at their home, office or even on the way.
Thus, it is now very crucial for e-tailers to set up their business and stores at online marketplaces and other social networks. 
Firstly, What is Marketplace?
The marketplace can be thought of a community of retailers and customers. It consists of a plethora of vendors with a wide variety of brands and products selling across multiple channels. Marketplaces are the convenient way to list and sell the products and it exclusively takes care of all the required operational activities.
Amazon as Marketplace 
A Marketplace like Amazon provides a selling platform to vendors, it bridges payment provisions between buyer and seller, order fulfillment (FBA) and manages Amazon customer services. It provides a gamut of choices to its customers with an assurance of quality.
Facebook and Facebook Store
No need to say that Facebook is the biggest social media with about 2-billion active users. This platform can also be used to widen your business wings. The Facebook store is a type of shop where buyers can buy the available products. The sellers create a business page for their store and products where customers can visit.
With these popular platforms, e-tailers may find it difficult to choose between online marketplaces or popular social media.
So here are some pros and cons of  having an Amazon store and a facebook store which would definitely help you to get rid off  your confusion related to online store.

Amazon vs Facebook




Little Investment

With a little investment of time and money, you can easily register your product on Amazon. Once registered, you can sell your product online anytime from anywhere.

Facebook requires page creation for promoting your store, products, and services. Additional designing and information updating may require professional developers which may charge you an extra amount.  


Amazon marketplace has higher scalability as customers have multiple choices of stores and products.

Facebook has limited scalability. On FB- store, the individual page contains the information of only single store or product. Customers don’t have more choices to go to another store on the same page.

Profit margin

Amazon charges businesses in terms of logistics and taxes for  selling any product or item and even on clicks through Pay per click (PPC) policy.

FB-store has no such policy. The individual store profit is actual profit of a business. No charges are taken by Facebook with that said it is very clear to us that all you earn through an order on  facebook goes entirely into your account without any deduction.

Amazon Prime Service

The Amazon Prime service provides an immediate 1 day/2 day delivery, free delivery, additional discounts and deals to its active members.

There is no prime membership on fb store. However, if any seller provides you prime service or immediate delivery services, it may additionally charge you.


About 46% of the buyers reach first at Amazon than any other marketplace.

No doubt, Facebook is the most popular social media, but it will take time to build its trust for e-marketing.


At last, the biggest concerning factor for any customer is how the vendor or seller is good and quick to entertain them. Amazon is highly dedicated to serving its customers whether it is for listing, branding, selling, or even shipping. Amazon has striving strategies for all customer support and customer interaction. Amazon offers FBA which enables shipping directly to the customers without the involvement of seller. Facebook store lacks this functionality and the corresponding seller is totally responsible for all operations needed in purchase which makes management sometimes complicated.
Thus, selling your items on the online marketplace as Amazon can be quite productive and business boosting than selling it on a Facebook store. 



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