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Save Yourself From Getting Suspended on Amazon Seller Central-Reasons & Reinstatement

Save Yourself From Getting Suspended on Amazon Seller Central-Reasons & Reinstatement

Marketplaces like Amazon has higher and growing e-sales rate day-by-day, year-by-year.  Amazon is quite friendly with its sellers but more concerned for its customers therefore it has its own strict standards, specific guidelines and terms and conditions for its sellers to follow legitimately.  Amazon, being at the top of marketplaces, always maintains the quality of the products being sold through its platform, description of the product mentioned should exactly match the product in actual shipping services and all customer support. A plethora of sellers are selling their products and services on various marketplaces as Amazon and  list of sellers who wish to join Amazon is quite long. 
To sell on Amazon and to become its part, sellers need to register themselves and open an account. Haash! to be an authorized Amazon seller, you too need to follow the same strict guidelines else you might be either suspended or denied or in the worst case,  banned. It is heartbreaking to know that Amazon has performed many account suspension, denial and even banning.

Let's have a look on the pinpoint difference among suspension, Denial, and Banning of any account..
Suspension: Amazon through its account suspension policy, can stop the seller to sell their products for a certain notice period. Within this notice period, the sellers need to appeal for cancellation of account suspension and need to come with a strong plan B(recovery plan).
Appeal Denial: Amazon has rejected your appeal but still there are a few chances and hope that you can maintain your Amazon account. As your appeal has rejected earlier by Amazon thus you need a better and revised action plan to work so that you can appeal further.
Account Banned: The worst case! No more appealing. Amazon has now decided to fire you. You can’t sell on Amazon with your existing Amazon account. Amazon will not respond to your mails and appeals in future.
Why Amazon suspends or bans you??
Amazon is loyal and honest towards its services for customers. It always works qualitatively and expects the same with its sellers. If in any case, Amazon finds any seller violating its policies, it immediately takes action against it. 
Following are the few reasons (it can be more) that account for Amazon suspension or Ban:
Overdue: If the seller has not paid its fees for a long time and still stockpiles the payment. Amazon informs the seller through mail and notices but if not resolved properly, Amazon further can suspend that account.
Inappropriate Reimbursement: Amazon sometimes refunds directly to its customers. In such cases, reimbursement to Amazon is required from seller side. When seller fails in proper reimbursement to Amazon, it definitely will be going to suspend seller’s account.
Outdated payment method: When seller uses some outdated payment mode which may not be convenient to its customers and causes problems in payment, Amazon notifies the seller to change them But if seller does not pay attention to Amazon’s  warnings, Amazon has a complete right to suspend it.
Policy Violation:  If in any case, Amazon finds any seller violating its policies, rules or guidelines, Amazon immediately takes action against it. 
Oversell: Some sellers, for maximizing their business, oversell their products without concern about the availability of products in their stock. So when you take orders which are beyond your completion capability, you have to cancel such order or delay the delivery. Amazon keenly & consistently checks for the proper shipment by the seller. If it does not find the processing properly it red marks your services and may suspend or ban you when it exceeds the limit.
Copyright Infringement/Trademark issue: If Amazon finds any mismatch between copyright detail and trademark of the product Amazon immediately lists out that product from sell and notifies the seller.
Selling or Displaying Restricted items: Some sellers are caught while displaying or selling the restricted or counterfeit items by Amazon whether by mistake or deliberately. This is against the policy of Amazon and thus it boycotts it and sends an account suspension notice to the corresponding seller.
Unauthorized Seller: The vendor authorizes certain sellers to sell their products. But sometimes other sellers or specifically unauthorized sellers sell the same products without vendor’s permission. Then authorized seller may report this issue to Amazon which can, later on, warn another seller not to repeat the same and issues account suspension of  an unauthorized seller.
Customer Complaints: Amazon is very much responsive to its customers. If Amazon receives negative feedback from customers about any items or services, it immediately lists out the corresponding item from sell and asks the seller to give a clarification for it.  
Can and Can’t...  Post Account Suspension 
Post-suspension you can’t bid, sell or give feedback.  There would be no transaction in your account during the suspension period. Only after reinstatement, you can communicate Amazon for transactions and other feedbacks.

Can and Can’t-  Post Account Ban
Sadly! You are now no more an Amazon seller. Amazon has banned you. Now you have decided further to work with Amazon but with a new account. Sigh and wait! Amazon is strict at every point. You can’t open a new account immediately. It is against Amazon’s policies. You have to wait for a certain time period that Amazon has decided. Post this time, you can appeal for a new account to be an Amazon seller. Now with all efforts, you have to perform all the processes right from sign up and payments.
How to resolve an account suspension issue:
Have a plan B(The recovery plan): After receiving a suspension notice from Amazon, you need to appeal for its cancellation. Amazon praises the sellers who appeal their suspension through Amazon Seller central.  You can take help from various Amazon support service providers to work on an effective and elaborated plan with solutions that can convince Amazon to reinstate your account. 
Issue Solving Approach: If you effectively put your issue solving strategy with an assurance of no repetition of the same issue, amazon can be convinced and may reinstate your account soon.
Work with updated Audit Report: Keep on checking the terms and conditions of Amazon that any might have changed. Maintain regular and updated audit report of your product as per the latest guidelines issued by the Amazon. Believe us, this will not let you in the trouble of policy violation.
Access FBA: Without FBA, you may respite but later on, you may feel uncomfort as there are more shipping charges you have to render for maintaining a pace between your services and Amazon’s policies. Thus FBA comes as a boon for shipping services. Accessing FBA for your Amazon store will definitely bring you out of worry about shipping and proper delivery. Thus Amazon would always be happy with your services to its customers and there are negligible chances for your account suspension at least not for shipment services.
It’s a myth that Amazon does not infringe account of big sellers. Amazon is fair to every seller-whether big or small. Amazon can anytime order to seal or suspend your account as it has its specific reasons for its strict action. If you don't follow Amazon guidelines, be ready to be suspended. Needless to say, it would be quite difficult to get your Amazon account reinstated.


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