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Amazon Restricted Products: Cure and Caution

Amazon Restricted Products: Cure and Caution

Whether you are vendor central merchant or seller central merchant on Amazon or wishing to join such largest marketplace - a must have suggestion is “you should memorize or rote out the Amazon’s guidelines & policies for being safe while sailing on the river of Amazon”. If you want to keep your Amazon account healthy, take a review of Amazon’s policies as the preventive pills on regular basis.
Customers trust Amazon for its safe and legal products and services and Amazon maintains the faith of its customers. There are thousands of products being sold on the Amazon marketplace. A seller can sell many products immediately post signing up for Amazon seller account but some products are restricted for them. It only allows those items which are beneficial, non-hazardous and human as well as environment-friendly. It has made certain and legitimate policies for the products which can or cannot be sold on Amazon platform for the beneficiary of its customers.
How Amazon knows about restricted product selling:
Amazon constantly checks the products that are being sold through its platform. It has its own monitoring system to identify the restricted products on various Amazon stores. Amazon is strict to its sellers who don’t follow its policies especially when their activities may harm its customers. If it finds any seller, selling Amazon restricted or counterfeit products, poor quality goods, or any unauthorized seller selling certain products which are not its cup of tea, then, it immediately takes corrective and legitimate actions against them either by suspending or banning their amazon account. 
Few restricted Categories on Amazon: Amazon has restricted multiple products of various categories. These restrictions enhance the Amazon assistance and add more trust to its customers. The prohibited products of certain categories can only be sold after the approval by Amazon as per the rules and regulations and mentioned policies.
The List is as follows:

  1. Alcohol containing beverages or any item
  2. Animal and Animal products
  3. Art and Fine Art
  4. Automotive and Powersports
  5. Beauty, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Hair Care, Health and Personal Care
  6. Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, and Gift Cards
  7. Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
  8. Electronics
  9. Food and Beverage, Grocery, and Gourmet Foods
  10. Gambling and Lottery
  11. Hazardous and Dangerous Items
  12. Human Parts and Burial Artifacts
  13. Industrial and Scientific, Medical Devices and Accessories
  14. Jewelry and Precious Gems
  15. Kindle Accessories
  16. Offensive Products
  17. Other (this is a category that Amazon specifically lists)
  18. Postage Meters and Stamps
  19. Recalled Products
  20. Sexual Wellness
  21. Stolen Property and Lock Picking Devices
  22. Surveillance Equipment
  23. Tobacco and Tobacco-Related Products
  24. Warranties and Services
  25. Weapons
  26. Novelty items

Cure and Caution while selling Amazon Restricted Products:
Selling Amazon restricted products is not that much easy. It essentially requires an approval from Amazon to sell a particular product of any category. 
Manufacturer or Brand Approval: Some manufacturers or brands do not authorize any other seller to sell their products. Thus in case you have caught while selling the restricted products illegally, you may be adjourned from Amazon marketplace. So be careful and ask for an approval from manufacturer or brand to become an authorized seller.
Amazon approval: For selling products of some of the restricted categories, sellers must have ongoing and strong access to the product and they should be able to fulfill orders for a long time. The 12-digit bar code, UPC (Universal Product Code)  or EAN (European Access Number) can be required in the approval process.  
Check ASIN for every product: For online arbitrage or retail arbitrage, first check out the ASIN of the product on easily on Amazon seller app. If corresponding ASIN is gated then avoid listing for same ASIN categories.
Proper Listing: Some products of particular category involve permissions prior to listing for approving them. Prior to listing some categories urges an extra relevant information and/or an auxiliary guarantee. Listing of items for international purchase needs a legitimate research about compliance laws and reconciliations.Be cautious while listing your new items. Amazon constantly checks the listed items, if any mismatch between listing and actual items occurs, Amazon takes it as an attempt to ruin the listing policies and constraints. 
Follow FBA policies:  Prior to shipping any product you should check the harmony of the products. If any product gets detected as harmful as per the FBA policy then Amazon can subject that product to disposal with no reimbursement. Sellers on Amazon who are accessing FBA must comply with the Amazon Restricted Products policy as well as FBA-specific product restrictions. 
Note:  Misstepping FBA product arrangement requisite, safety requirements, and product restraints and compliance policy can bring you at the refusal, disposal, or roster return, forthcoming shipments blocking, or extra fees for disagreement.
Better to take Amazon Assistance:
It strictly follows state e-waste laws. It compliances its sellers to properly understand the prohibitions of e-waste laws. So if you are planning to ship your products to another state, first check out relevant state’s e-waste laws and regulations and then sell accordingly. 
In any case, even a small turmoil in the listing, selling, shipping, exporting, importing, it’s better to contact Amazon seller support rather than taking a risk and battle with Amazon and its legal policies. 
There are certain products which are dangerous to human health and environment and therefore Amazon has restricted selling of those products through its platform for the sake of customers experience and betterment. Thus, it may be quite risky for your Amazon account to sell Amazon Prohibited Products.

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