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How to deal with negative reviews

How to deal with negative reviews

While selling on Amazon you put all your efforts to satisfy your customers as well as Amazon by following its specific guidelines and standards. Amazon gives priority to its customers and always work for boosting their shopping experience with its sellers. Like Amazon, you too take care of your customers as the king of your business and always work to fulfill their expectations. In return, what you expect from customers is only their satisfaction, which they can show by feedback, reviews, and ratings for your services. This feedback, if positive, boosts the enthusiasm of the seller and also helps in boosting the sales of the corresponding product. The increasing positive feedback adds new customers to your store, as customers remark, directly affects the other customers while confirming their purchases. But, what if, the customer’s response is negative? No need to even mention the impact of it, it not only demoralizes the spirit of a seller and question-marks the efforts and brings down the trust of a seller but it also affects the seller’s rating given by Amazon. 
Impact of Negative Reviews and Low Ratings:
As you are the seller on the topmost marketplace as Amazon, it may be quite tough to maintain your credibility and customer’s trust with strict Amazon guidelines. If you receive any negative feedback from customers, it is mandatory to improve them, otherwise, when negative frequency increases, your Amazon report decreases.

1. Negative feedbacks or lower ratings about your products and services may impact you and your sales severely.

2. Negative feedbacks and reviews drop down your reputation among other sellers on Amazon platform.

3. Unfavourable feedbacks and low ratings decrease the ranking of your product which in turn decrease your store ranking too.

4. When other buyers read the negative reviews about any product, they also somewhat believe in negative outcomes of the product which may divert their mind from making confirmed payment decisions.

5. One star or low star ratings with negative review of any product on your store product page is an alarming bell to warn you about your services. It is like an atom bomb on your sale territory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You need to improve the rating and reviews. Because if this low star review resides on your product page for more than three days, it will definitely bring down your sales to the bottom. 

6. Also, Amazon reviews your seller account in every 90 days, and if your Seller Rating given by Amazon, which again is based on various factors, is lower for that period your account might get into at-risk status. 

Ways to Improve Negative Feedback  


Reconsideration or Removal by Customer: It is the best option to receive the review and have customer interaction. Interact with respective customers and try to resolve the issue. This is easier said than done because Amazon maintains the privacy agreement between sellers and buyers. It does not reveal the identity or e-mail address of buyers to the sellers. So, it is quite tough to interact with the relevant negative reviewer. If you anyhow succeed in contacting the right customer through Amazon, try to resolve the issue they have with the product and empathetically try to convince them to revise or delete their review. Notify them about your solutions about the concerning issue. Surely one review count will decrease from your store but it will be far better than to have negative image.
Elimination by Amazon: Amazon has a policy by which it can remove the counteractive reviews and feedback from Amazon platform. But Amazon only does in an extreme case when the review is out of track, contains any abusive or threatening language which is not in accordance with the Amazon standards. If any seller approaches Amazon support for negative review which may harm seller as well as Amazon dignity, it quickly takes action against it and can remove that review from Amazon platform. But don’t rely on Amazon completely that it will surely remove all negative reviews of your product immediately. It measures reviews and counteractive feedbacks on its own scale of policy and if and only if they are not up to the mark, then only Amazon processes it to remove from seller platform.
Public Comment:  If above two solutions don’t work, then the last option is to comment publically so that other customers can know about each phase of your product. Mention the regret for the inconvenience that customer had to face while buying your product and at the same time mention the solution and approach that you will  take to solve their issue. Public comment can help you to put the right aspect of your product if it is misinterpreted in the review. 
Tips while interacting with customers:

1. Do not put pressure on customers to modify or remove their reviews, as it is against the Amazon policy.

2. Convince them by satisfying the issues.

3. Be friendly with your customers.

4. No compensation should be offered as a credit to delete or edit the review. Otherwise, you can come under the case of bribing customers. For this, you will have to pay a lot on Amazon.

5. Make them understand the importance and impact of their reviews to your product and sale.

Negative reviews are surely drawbacks for your store and sales but with solving attitude you can handle them. They can be resolved and turned positive with customer’s satisfaction. It is the responsibility of the seller to take care of their customers which in turn helps them to achieve positive feedback and good ranks on Amazon platform.


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