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Free & Useful Keyword Search Tools For Amazon

Free & Useful Keyword Search Tools For Amazon

Being in the digital era, online shopping and digital marketing are becoming quite popular. People often spend most of their time over the internet.They continuously keep surfing and searching on the internet for almost everything. Thus it becomes challenging for sellers to be at the top of their search and search engines result pages too. Here comes the importance of keywords and keywords research for sellers. Google, Bing, you tube, Amazon and every search engines are adopting better search results algorithm and keywords tool for the most searched terms by the internet lovers. Proper keyword research has now become an essential process to keep your content and products compelling among top-ranked search engine result pages.
Searching keywords on some keywords tool can be costly as they cost huge charges for providing keywords associated with your search terms which might affect your marketing budget. But, don’t be too much panic as there are much effective yet absolutely forever free keyword search tools. 
So if you too are investigating for free keywords searching tool, here is the list:
You might resemble a Soovle with Google in a rhythmic tone. Just like Google who answers your every question, Soovle answers your every keyword search. It is quite an effortless tool which gives search results within no time. Soovle accomplishes its search for many leading search engines like Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, eBay, Bing, Amazon, and much more. Soovle might be proved as the best for beginners but when you need more advanced search you might have needed much more tools with Soovle. You can use Soovle with addon browsers for better results. Soovle works effectively with Keyword Tool for Amazon. 
Keywords Everywhere
As the name suggests, this tool can find keywords for any marketplaces and search engines. The Keywords Everywhere extension is a free keyword tool. You can easily install it on Chrome or Firefox. It works in the best manner and leverages you with google keyword search volume, cost per click and competition data of keywords on various search engines and marketplaces. Keywords Everywhere enables you to catch long-tail phrases with their authentic search volume, CPC, and compelling data.
Keyword Tool 
Myriad of people are using Amazon to search and purchase various products that they want and need. Keyword Tool helps the sellers in interpreting those products. It uses an Amazon autocomplete or search suggestion characteristic yielding a spectrum of associated long tail keywords useful for Amazon keyword optimization or SEO.
The Keyword Tool is another absolutely free tool for searching keywords for your products or services to be sold on Amazon. This tool also has paid version which no doubt works in a more advanced manner by searching approx double keywords than the free version but yet the free version is also fruitful.
It will also give you access to many other useful features that will make your keyword research process much easier and faster.
Keyword Tool instantaneously searches and analyzes thousands of prevailing long-tail keywords with free or charged version to use them for content, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and for other marketing actions.
Sonar is one of the perfect Amazon keyword research tools which is totally free. This effective and Amazon impressive keyword tool is developed by Sellics. It provides a gamut of about 74 million+ keywords database. Sonar also provides Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns which ironically helps sellers to uplift their rank on the top of an online marketplace like Amazon. Sonar helps sellers in keywords searching for five global marketplaces of USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany
Sonar works in tri aspect to search for keywords. It executes the standard search, extended search and reverse ASIN search as per your instructions. By enabling “exclude permutations” option below the search bar avoids the similar but different order words.
The standard keyword search gives a number of relevant suggestions that match your keyword input in the search box. An extended search in sonar gives more prevailing keywords for your search including synonyms and related terms while the reverse ASIN search gives ranking keywords for the ASIN you enter. This effectively helps you to watch your competitors actions, and also you can copy the keywords with high search volume scores.
The CSV file encloses all your keywords along with search volume score from lowest to highest (one to five).You can download this CSV file by hitting “Download” below the search bar. Once you download, you will be furnished with complete search keywords list.
You can also access chrome extension for Sonar by paying $9.99 per month. The extension enables users to scroll any product detail page on Amazon and see the keywords that the product is ranking for. But it is totally on your choice whether to pay for chrome extension or completely use Sonar without any charges for keywords search.
Scientific Seller
The Scientific Seller tool for Amazon keyword research is also free to its users. This tool provides keywords for Amazon buyers only. Interestingly, this tool uses its tag line as “The world’s Slowest Keyword Tool” but it steadily competes with others and wins the race by searching not only hundreds of keywords but about thousands of keywords. It gives hundreds of keywords within seconds and still, it searches for more seed keywords for Amazon which are beyond imagination for which it takes time. Scientific Seller quietly works for delivering more keywords suggestions as long as you have not hit pause button. You can select Amazon marketplace on Scientific Seller for keywords search. By default, the free plan allows you to search for only.
The results page of Scientific Seller shows two main columns: “Stuff Words” and “Amazon Buyer Keywords”.
Stuff Words are keywords displayed at the left-hand side with. When any Stuff Word is clicked, a list of search suggestions appears, which Scientific Seller termed it as Amazon Buyer Keywords.
To access the complete results users need to sign up for a free account with Scientific Seller so that they can download CSV file and can also save searches which definitely helps them to be in a race for a longer time. 
Scientific seller is surely a free tool but it has a limit of only five searches per day. But in these five searches, you are going to have thousands of suggestions but wait! when it is done for a week i.e. 35 times, you will be a cup full with sufficient and exhausting keywords lists.
Though it is free, yet for more advanced search, the Scientific Seller has a plan of $19.99 per month for unlimited searches and $29.99 per month Power Seller plan for unlimited searches across global Amazon marketplaces.
Sistrix e-commerce Tool
The simplest keyword search tool is Sistrix e-commerce tool. You can rely on it for relevant keywords for your products. It has myriad of compelling keywords in its database. You just need to input your search term and a list of relevant and associated search terms will be displayed in the e-commerce environment. Sistrix e-commerce tool offers keywords search based on products, brands, merchants, and categories but for these, you need to have an access to beta account on it. 
So, while creating content for people it is important to search for the words and phrases they are using to find the content. SEO and keyword research are becoming actively important in blogging, posting, and moreover in digital marketing. But if you are taking the keyword inclusion lightly, you might have the risk to miss the search engine traffic. Without any risk, use the above-mentioned keyword suggestions tools as they are easy in use and above all totally free which can definitely be used within your product listing, in a PPC campaign, or in both and undoubtedly they would boost your sales on Amazon.


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