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Professional Seller Plan and Individual Seller Plan on Amazon-Key Differential points

Professional Seller Plan and Individual Seller Plan on Amazon-Key Differential points

As an average about 175 million internet users visit per month, thus making huge traffic on Amazon stores. Yeah..that's great news for new sellers who are looking forward to selling products on Amazon marketplace. In the same context, if you too have decided to sail in the waves of Amazon, surely you would be excited as well as might be puzzled over how to sell stuff on Amazon. For starting your Amazon store, you need to sign up or register on to become a registered seller of Amazon.
For Amazon Registration Process, following steps are needed to complete- 

  • Company registration
  • Credit card information
  • Amazon business name Registration (display name)
  • Identity verification through the phone number

With the above steps, congratulations, you are done with the Amazon registration process, now you would own the Amazon seller account on this Amazon platform. With this, you can sell items on Amazon and earn profit from this marketplace.
Depending on the products category and the quantity which you want to sell, you should register as an individual seller or professional seller as per the Amazon selling plan. Amazon comes with two selling plans- individual Selling Plan and professional selling plan for its sellers with some exclusive categories for professional sellers. Both these selling plans allow access to, and as well. But the fees, existing product categories and selling criteria may differ in all marketplaces.
Individual Selling Plan or Pay as you Go Plan:  The individual sellers are devoid off monthly subscription fee. They only pay when they sell. For each sell, an individual seller pays $0.99 fee to Amazon. The new sellers with less than 40 products per month usually go with this plan. 
Points you should know before going for an individual selling plan on Amazon
1. Recommended when you are selling less than 40 products in a month.
2. No monthly subscription; pay as you sell.
3. Need to pay $0.99 fee for every product you sell.
4. With this charge, the referral selling fee is additional.
5. Allows single listing only.
6. Cannot add new products that are not already sold on Amazon to your listing details.
7. Can sell only in open categories (20+).
8. Restricted to sell in few particular categories like jewellery, electronics, automotive and Powersports, clothing and accessories etc.  that require standards,  category specific requirements, and approval.
9. Can easily switch from individual selling plan to professional selling plan.

Professional Selling Plan
With a monthly subscription of $39.99, you will be eligible for professional selling plan on Amazon. No need to pay after each sell. The post sell fee of $0.99 is waived in professional selling plan. For a bonus, Amazon gives one month free to professional sellers while signing up on Amazon. This plan is more advantageous than an individual plan.
Points you should know before going for a professional selling plan on Amazon
1. Highly recommended for volume sellers (more than 40 items per month) even for new sellers too.
2. Monthly subscription of $39.99 as selling fees on Amazon.
3. One month free subscription at the time of sign up for seller central account on Amazon.
4. Additional referral fees along with monthly subscription charge.
5. No restrictions on any category. Professional sellers Can sell in all categories more than 20 along with 10 additional categories on Amazon. The only thing, they require, is to meet the criteria and standards for the products being sold on Amazon.
6. Can upload multiple products onto the Amazon platform at once through spreadsheets. 
7. Eligible for using order & inventory management lab services, Scoutify (a feature of iPhone users)
8. Can add new product page to listing. The professional sellers can add new products which aren’t being sold on Amazon yet.
9. Can participate in sponsor ad campaigns which is a key benefit to increase sales.
10. Can compete to win the Buy Box. If you sell any hot item, blow the chances to win the opportunity to sell it first through the Buy Box.
11. Can easily switch from professional selling plan to individual plan

More often the new sellers deprive of the experience of selling items on Amazon and may be weak to calculate the quantity they are going to sell per month and thus choose the individual plan as it allows to pay only after the sell. But it might be costly for them when the product quantity exceeds 40 in number. Because paying $0.99 for more than 40 products would surely be greater than $39.99 per month. This Amazon fee would ruin their expected profit margin in their initial phase. While going with the professional plan allows you to sell one or one thousand items for $39.99 only. Thus sellers should be aware while choosing correct selling plan for their business. Also, professional sellers are leveraged with key benefits of sponsored ads and campaigns which certainly drives them to boost their business. No need to say that the profit margin of professional sellers would be higher than the subscription fee and an individual seller account profit. Yet no need to bother, with any plan you will still be owning a business on Amazon platform.


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