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Rank better on Amazon through keyword optimization

Optimization - the key to success on Amazon

Optimization- the key to success on Amazon

Nowadays, digital marketing is on its boom. People are looking forward to growing with the internet. Thus online marketing on the various marketplaces is flourishing. Amazon is the biggest giant in the online marketing and thus most of the people look at Amazon as their marketing platform. Strictly saying, having an Amazon store is not enough for now. Amazon has millennials of sellers on its list and this list is increasing day by day. This creates a huge and tough competition among all the sellers. Many sellers are selling similar products and thus it becomes essential to make their products more visible and easily discoverable for the visitors. When customers search for any products on search engines, it is highly recommended for the sellers to make their products available, visible and discoverable as per the user’s search. With this urge, keywords play a crucial role in online selling and marketing. 

First of all, let us know What these keywords are???

The words that a customer types to search the product that gives relevancy to your products are termed as keywords. These are the words or phrase through which customers search for the products or services on the search engines. While talking about the Amazon online marketplace, these keywords play an important role in making products more and easily discoverable for the customers. When you add the trending and more usable keywords to your product titles and description, your products can be easily available to the customers. As customers would approach our products through their typed words (keywords) there are chances that their click can turn into buying decisions.

Why sellers should work on Keywords??
Being a seller, you should understand the urge for optimization and updating product description for your product sales. Here are the reasons, why keywords are important on online marketplaces as Amazon:

Makes the product easily Discoverable:
When you add the more searchable keywords in your product's name and description, your products will be easily visible and discoverable for the customers when they would search through the same keywords. More visibility on your products increases the chances of more clicks and may lead to more buying decisions.

Enhances ranking:
When your products get discovered easily by more people, this upgrades the ranking of your product on Amazon search engine. As higher the products get clicks, the Amazon improves the ranking of your products. You never know, right keywords may take your products at the top position on the search engine anytime. The only thing you need to do is add right keywords to your selling items.

Drives more traffic:
As the products become easily discoverable and get good ranking through the keywords, there are more chances for a huge traffic on your store. At this time, you need to put your efforts on hooking the customers with the qualitative items and services as desired by the customers. The combo of right keywords and qualitative services would lead to more sales from your Amazon store. 

An opportunity to win BuyBox:
The right keywords result in more visits, more traffic, more clicks and thus more sales. Yeah!! All are the signs of winning the Buybox on Amazon. The Amazon sellers understand what does this BuyBox mean to them.

Include keywords at:
Product name
Product Description
A+ content
MetaData Description
Image description in image processing feature of Amazon.

Need for Keywords Optimization: 
Since a myriad of customers searches millennials of products through their own terms, thus products optimization is needed to match their needs with your products. keywords, in fact, right keywords with higher searching volume play an important part in online selling nowadays. Sellers need to update and optimize their products according to the trending keywords on regular basis. Optimization refers to updating the products listing by using keywords. For proper optimization, Sellers should take the Amazon SEO assistance.

Tips for keywords optimization:
1) Optimize the products at the proper schedule. If possible, optimize the product's description and listing on the regular basis.
2) Since SEO handling is not everyone's’ cup of tea as it needs a comprehensive analysis and accurate approach to work with right keywords else it might result in fall of the buyer’s visit, clicks and sales.
3) Work on right strategy to improve product rankings. Our blog on 8 ways to Dramatically improve your Amazon Ranking will definitely help you.
4) If you are an established seller on Amazon or other marketplaces you would have earned a reputation and trust of customers, so you just have a need to maintain that trust. Work on keypoints to boost the buyer’s experience and rest will the product’s quality and services do. You can refer How to sell like a Pro on
5) Run PPC campaign with the trending keywords for your products. These advertisements result in driving more traffic to your Amazon store that eventually may turn into clicks and confirmed buying decisions of the buyers. If you have already run a PPC campaign and yet not getting the correct response, you should revise your campaigning strategy. Do read: Your ads are not getting clicks-What to do??
6) With the keywords optimization, sellers should also fix the suppressed listing issues of their Amazon store if any. The suppressed listing may result in repelling the customers from your Amazon store.

Bottom Line:
Keywords are utmost important to drive more traffic to the product page and later on to drive more sales. Since regular optimization requires more time thus you should make a schedule for optimization and list updating. To be a seller on Amazon, it requires many efforts to retain your established position, thus it is recommended to take the Amazon service provider assistance for SEO & Metadata services for Amazon. With right approach towards the product optimization, you can step ahead towards selling on Amazon that may lead you to the Amazon’s bestseller list.


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