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Processing product images for Amazon

Processing Images in the Amazon way

Images have always been a central point of attraction for any product or thing. While offline selling, the items are physically available so that customers can look at them, judge them to meet their needs. But when customers shop online, what actually attracts them is the images and photos of the products they look for. At this point, the images become a focal point in online selling as the buyers can judge the products on the basis of its images only. Drabbed, bland and unclear images repel visitors while shiny images with high-resolution and fine background attract more customers. With well processed images, right products description adds a bonus to the customer's experiences and this combo results in more conversion rates.

Importance of Images-

Attracts Buyers to your Product Pages: The clear image gives a clear vision to the customers about your products. During online shopping, customers can only see your products through the images. More tempting and appealing images attract the visitors easily and when your products match their needs they would definitely click on the buy button.

Adds More clicks: More visits on your product page gives more chances to have more buying clicks when the customers get their best search.

Higher Conversion rates: The appealing images lead to high conversion rates.

Get BuyBox: Amazon tracks the selling records of the sellers. When your Amazon store would get higher clicks you can have the chances to win the Buybox on Amazon. This Buybox helps in driving more sales to your business and gives you more profit margin.

Where to upload images on your store?

Amazon gives feature of catalog addition to the Amazon sellers to showcase their products in front of their customers. Post signing up on Amazon, you need to list your products in Amazon's catalog so that your products become discoverable to customers. At the time of listing, you need to add the images of products in the Amazon's catalog to display your products in front of customers. By looking at these images, buyers take their next step whether to move ahead or bounce back. Thus, you should always take care of uploading the clear and HD images on Amazon.

Amazon comes with the more advanced feature of images uploading with Enhanced brand content for its brand registered sellers. It allows its sellers to upload multiple images of the products to display every aspect with the enriched and enhanced brand content. This gives the buyers a clear vision about the products that help to make their confirmed buying decisions. In EBC, the sellers can add many images in the available templates. For details, refer Dive into sales with Enhanced Brand Content Feature of Amazon.

Amazon supports following features in images:

  • HD quality images
  • 1100 x 1100 pixels resolution or higher; preferably 2560 pixels.
  • 20% White background for colorful products; while the products those are in white color should have a light grey background
  • 80% Product fill out area
  • Zoom in and out feature to give a clear vision to the customers.
  • JPEG, GIF, TFF and PNG format.

How can you improve images?

To make the images more tempting and appealing you need to work on image processing features like:

  • Image Cropping and Resizing
  • Noise removal
  • Proper brightness, color and contrast
  • Orientation
  • Images from different angles so that customers can imagine the products before buying.
  • Image masking
  • Image tags and naming
  • Removing shadows, borders or watermark, if any
  • Highlight the features of products in image
  • Update and Manage the catalog at scheduled interval

Many tools have come in the market to help you edit your images and meet Amazon's criteria, but if you are not very confident with tools, go to a professional photographer or take help of an Amazon service provider right off the bat.

Clear images, descriptive information and up to the mark services attract more customers to your product page. For all sellers, it is suggested to make their products pages and offerings quite attractive for the buyers to go for confirmed buying decisions. You should work on the alluring images of the products as the images are the only option in online selling that helps customers to imagine the real product. The customers compare these images with the real products in their imagination. If they get right imagination, they would surely pick your product. Work impactfully on image processing to attract more customers as first impression is last impression.

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