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Reasons to not Miss Selling on Amazon

Reasons to not Miss Selling on Amazon

If you are a buyer and have made up your mind for online shopping, the first marketplace that comes to your mind is Amazon. You and your mind rush to the Amazon and start exploring it because of the plethora of options and above all Amazon has built up more trust on buyers because of its services and loyalty.  But what if, if you are a seller and made up your mind to sell online. Which marketplace would you prefer?? Undoubtedly, Amazon of course! because it is the first choice for the buyers and you definitely would like to join your buyers. If you want to be an independent retailer you can opt for Volusion, Woocommerce or Shopify but selling on a dependent platform like Amazon is easy and more preferable. 

Amazon gives many reasons to its buyers as well as retailers to pick it for the online shopping and selling. The online retailers find it easy to boost their sales and profit through Amazon. Here are few hacks that Amazon provides to its sellers that hooks more and more retailers to it.

 Why Amazon is the first choice of retailers??

  1. More visitors: Amazon experiences nearly 184 million visitors per month. The main reason for sellers to choose Amazon for onboarding their products on this online platform. Also, Amazon treats its customers as the king and always tries to leverage them with a better shopping experience which enhances a strong trust factor over it that works as a glue between it and its customers.
  2. Expert Panel: Amazon has a panel of experts named Amazon Service Providers Network (SPN) & Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) that forward their helping hand towards the Amazon sellers especially the amateurs. Whenever the Amazon sellers feel that they are battling in handling their Amazon store, seller-buyer relationship, or facing any issues like How & why brand registry is done, Variation listing, UPC or EAN barcode, product Id or even thinking to raise the conversion rates, the Amazon comes with an expert support for its sellers. As we all know a friend in need is a friend indeed. Thus retailers opt the Amazon to sell their products.
  3. Access through App:  Amazon allows its sellers to access their account through the app that makes them easy to handle their Amazon setup from anywhere and anytime. Through the Amazon app, the purchase has become more easy and convenient for buyers too. This convenience adds more customers to Amazon and thus sellers too wish to join Amazon as they get their golden customers on this platform. 
  4. Amazon Inventory & FBA: When the sellers join Amazon, Amazon gives them an option for keeping their products in Amazon’s warehouse. It makes easy for the retailers who don’t have their warehouse at least in the starting of their online ecommerce store. So Amazon lets its retailers store their products in the Amazon's inventory and handles the shipping and delivery of the orders through Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA). When they opt for FBA and put their products in Amazon’s inventory, they do not need to take tension about the shipping and return and refund. Amazon does it all on the behalf of its sellers.This adds convenience to the seller’s experience and thus more retailers join Amazon marketplace at the first step of their online business. 
  5. Amazon allows Dropshipping: Amazon keeps slogging to boost its customers and sellers experience. In this context, Amazon has brought up Dropshipping for its sellers through which sellers need not be concerned about the inventory management and shipping process. The sellers contact the vendors and make vendor’s products discoverable on their Amazon store and sell the products on behalf of a manufacturer and earn a profit with the packing slip of their own.
  6. Dropshipping on other marketplaces is possible through Amazon: Amazon also allows dropshipping on other marketplaces like eBay, Shopify etc. This attracts more sellers to choose Amazon. Through the Amazon’s inventory only, the retailers can complete the buyer’s order from omnichannel through Amazon FBA (Multi-Channel Fulfillment). This feature of Amazon attracts more retailers towards it. 

Though selling on Amazon has many profits for retailers which help them to add more customers to their store which in turn add more sales and ROI to the retailers account but yet Amazon has some cons which make it difficult for some retailers to manage their account on it. Amazon has strict policies and guidelines for its sellers and it complies them to follow word by word else it may raise an account suspension, denial or even ban. But when a seller follows the Amazon policies and guidelines, without any doubt, he is going to reap the benefits from this giant online marketplace, Amazon.
Final words
When it comes to sell online and choose the marketplaces, everything depends on the business type and the products that you are going to sell. If you are a novice in online selling you should be aware of the pros and cons of the online marketplaces. Registering to any marketplace requires spending some money and later on proper care while listing and updating your products on this marketplaces. Whichever marketplace you choose, you should know its terms, conditions and guidelines at the starting of your online store. If you select Amazon (obviously, on seeing the pros of Amazon platform, you would) you can hire an Amazon service provider who can manage your Amazon store setup right from the beginning and handle your Amazon seller central account while listing the products, preparing A+ content, work for Image processing and SEO optimization so that your store and products will be easily discoverable and at the top of the Amazon search engine.

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