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New Year 2018: Amazon Forecasting for its sellers

New Year 2018: Amazon Forecasting for its sellers

Amazon has always something new in its bag for its sellers. This year too Amazon might have decided new hacks to enrich its sellers with high sales and of course for itself too. Since Amazon has always given a wide platform for every scale seller (whether small or large) to earn profits and revenues through it, therefore, it has its own plans to achieve more success this year. The ecommerce specialists calculated that Amazon shares get doubled every three years. But they were wrong. In 2015, Amazon had $443 shares in the first quarter and by the ending of the year 2017, Amazon ended with $954 shares. 

So here they have forecasted that Amazon would break its own records in this new year i.e.2018. Amazon with its Prime service, Web service, branding feature and most recent Amazon Alexa feature are on its way to engrave new records onto the walls of the ecommerce market.

Amazon Alexa: Like Apple’s Siri, Google’s voice assistant, Amazon has Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a cloud-computing based voice assistance that allows its users to interact with their devices for operating it for alarm-setting, audiobooks and podcasting, real-time traffic, weather and information, for video playing. Initially, Amazon Alexa was available in English and German only. But as Amazon always works as on Day1, it keeps on improving itself and therefore in November 2017, Amazon Alexa is now available in Canadian language also. By September 2017, Amazon had 5,000+ employees dedicatedly working on Amazon’s Alexa and its products. The day is not far on which Amazon Alexa would be interacting with all countries language. Since cloud -computing technology is flourishing at a faster rate, Amazon specialists forecast that Amazon Alexa will find a place in most of the devices (Windows, iOS, Amazon devices) by the end of this new year.

Amazon Prime Service: Amazon Prime Service has witnessed the growth of $1.9 billion even in an initial quarter period of the year 2017. Amazon has the vision to see the half-filled glass and therefore predicts more response from the Amazon Prime Service. It encourages its sellers to make their products easily available for Prime services. With $99, Amazon Prime members can enjoy TV shows, digital movies, HD videos, podcasts with a perk of free two-day shipping and even one-hour delivery on specific orders and locations. Amazon takes its Prime Service to glue more customers to it. Amazon’s chief financial officer has revealed that now revenue from Amazon Prime subscriptions are being disclosed in retail subscription reports and it is found that most of the revenue is generated through Prime Subscriptions only with an increase of 36% in a quarter period. 

Amazon Branding: Since Amazon encourages its sellers to sell the branded products and to have brand registry over that products. The brand registry safeguards the profit of authorized sellers from the unauthorized sellers stealing the profit margin. But in the year 2017, Amazon has played a new game with a new move in the Amazon branding and private label goods. Amazon has decided to stop the game from being a middleman between the brands to sell and the buyers. This year it has its new strategies to work for private label goods that are not Amazon-branded so far. It has a prospectus to roll out the brands and come up with an Amazon tag for all products even the more popular brands. It has already taken out the Goodsport, Peak Velocity, Rebel Canyon- the sportswear brand and started selling with its brand name. This year of 2018 will witness a new change in the private label goods and marketing. Let’s cross the fingers for Private Label Sellers.

Through Amazon Web Services like cloud computing, Amazon Alexa, and many more to come, Amazon is expanding its wings in all countries like Australia, Canada, India. The main reason behind its success is that Amazon always take cares of the comfort of its customers and it keeps on zooming up the delivery services for its customers with its prime delivery Amazon service and even delivery in an hour for specific products. Amazon Alexa, voice-activated the feature is above all its services that are adding more revenues to Amazon through the Web services of Amazon. Amazon has gained $3.66 billion with a boost of 46% in its previous records of the year 2017. The year 2018 will be full of changes for private label sellers as Amazon is adopting Amazon branding as well as 2018 will witness the U-turns in revenues and Amazon through Amazon web features, Amazon Prime service and new member of Amazon, the Amazon Alexa. It would not be worth to say that Amazon would reach new records breaking its own as well as other marketplaces.



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