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Latest Technologies that are dominating the ecommerce in a New Year

Latest Technologies that are dominating the ecommerce in a New Year

In the year 2015, the ecommerce had about 50 million customers and it is expected to maximize by 6.4 times reaching 320 million shoppers joining by the year 2020. The changing technology has majorly affected ecommerce in its various sectors. The ecommerce and online retail have terribly taken the place of local offline stores and closed down the various brick and mortar shops. In the year 2017, ecommerce has seen the wide changes with the introduction of newer technologies like cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and many more balls are still there in the bag of technology. The technocrats are continuously digging the well of technology to take more diamonds out of it. Thus the online retailers must keep an eagle eye on the latest technologies and keep updated their online stores.

Let’s have a look at the technologies that are dominating the eCommerce section with their advantages. 

Mobile Technology:
The mobile technology has been going through many changes that we could not have imagined in the past. This technology is still not in the mood to slow down and there is more lying inside its box. In this new year of 2018, we would definitely see the revolutionary improvements in the mobile technology. The futurists, analysts, technical experts foresee that the mobile technology will not only stuck to mobile devices but would include ecommerce in its wings too. The ecommerce platform does not only have limited access to the desktop only but the customers are using mobile apps for their online shopping. The vendors and online retailers are therefore adopting the mobile apps approach to reach their customers easily. The smartphones and mobile apps have covered a large area everyone’s life and in the forthcoming years, this technology would definitely dominate our daily lives.
Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing plays a major role in ecommerce. From the ecommerce platform designing with the help of Magento or Wordpress to the designing of a speedy web page for ecommerce store, cloud computing is essential for all. Akamai in a study found that nearly 40%of visitors abandon the shopping process just because of slow speed (usually more than 3 seconds). Amazon in last year experienced a hike of 1% in its revenue shares for every 100 milliseconds post the improvement of its website. Usually, a sudden traffic may retard the speed of a website making a page unresponding, therefore, cloud computing is used to provide a larger bandwidth, more computational power and above all more storage. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI):
What can be better for customers when they get an assistance same as a human, anywhere, anytime while shopping online? The online chatbots that you have ever come across are the result of AI only. With the online chatbots, the ecommerce can assist its customers 24/7. need of a human to awake in midnight for assisting the online shoppers. Within one year, about 67% users had accessed the live chatbots, a LivePerson survey conducted on 5000+ consumers has revealed. AI easily can build a good customer-buyer relationship by virtual assistance. AI tracks the user’s behaviour and recommends them about the products related to their searches, thus helps in more conversion rates. The entrepreneurs can easily use the AI builders for website designing that even in few minutes rather picking the manual assistance that may take a week to complete. This machine learning technology, AI has dominated the ecommerce industry with all its advantages for customizing and personalizing the user’s as well as seller’s experience.

Internet of Things (IoT):
The IoT has drastically changed the vision of ecommerce. The smartphones and computers can now easily connected to any device and provide a virtual reality. The shoppers can reap the benefits of the Internet of Things in many ways like it can avail them with the smart mirrors wherein they can try the dresses virtually. The Amazon dash button integrated with IoT allows users to order the products without login. For vendors, IoT helps in disclosing the shopping patterns that help them to offer more customized experience to their buyers. The Bluetooth beacons laced with IoT have proved that smartphone’s apps can be connected with the online stores and vendors can reap of the benefits to have more conversion rates and shoppers would not feel any barrier to their shopping. 

The above are the biggest technologies that are hitting the ecommerce trends widely but there are still many technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality etc. paving the path of ecommerce. The online retailers must be aware of the changing technologies and must keep their online stores and services updated. The customers always demand the faster response and faster services. If any website, mobile apps or product page lack the ease and convenience of access then customers might leave your store, adding more cart abandonment to your store’s sales rate. Be technical, stay updated and climb up the hills of the online business.  


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