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A New Buzz- Amazon Brand Page

A New Buzz-Amazon Brand Page

Nowadays it is becoming a hot buzz and everyone is keeping their ears on this hot topic. So, why shouldn’t we? Let’s know about this buzzing word- Amazon Brand Page. In November 2012, Amazon had released Brand pages implementation for its sellers. Amazon has this concept of Brand pages for its Vendor sellers only. In Brand page, it allows the vendor sellers to create a specific page for their brand. With this brand page tool, the sellers can customize their product page, its look and appearance with their creativity to attract the customers towards their store.

Amazon’s Facility of Brand Page

The brand page is the service of Amazon that comes under AMS(Amazon Marketing Service) Amazon facilitates its vendor sellers to customize and create their brand page. It is free for sellers which is sort of self-service. It is an easy setup so that any sellers can reap off the benefits of this fruitful service. Sellers can set up a single page or even a multi-page brand page.

How was Brand Page Service Before?

As for now, Amazon with its brand page service gives many options for customization. But this was not the scene when it was launched for the first time. With the limited customizing features and few design templates, the sellers used to create their brand pages. This had resulted in less customer engagement. Previously, the brands were bounded to use the advanced feature of creating an exclusive brand URL. No video was allowed to be added to the brand page. Only photos with the description and limited customizable templates were the option for the sellers before.

At moment, what does a Brand Page have?

  1. Each brand page contains the general header and footer sections.
  2. The page also includes few empty content tiles for including product photos, other images, or description text.
  3. For every page, there are three template options available for the sellers to choose the one suitable for their brand.
  4. Amazon also allows creating a brand URL like name. It gives a direct way to drive traffic to their product page. It results in more visits to their store which gets reflected in their sales.
  5. The brand page allows adding a video related to product’s working or its uses. Since a video is emerging as an effective marketing tool in e-commerce so as this feature is advantageous.  

How to create Amazon Brand Page?

With the widgets, you can customize the product page and upload the creative photos and enticing content on the page to showcase your products. Before going to create an Amazon Brand page, the sellers must have the brand registry of their products. So if you have not registered your brand yet on Amazon, then, immediately go for the brand registry. Register your Brand link by signing in to your Amazon account.

Then, for Amazon Brand page;

  1. Sign into Amazon Marketing Services through your account.
  2. Select “create your page”.
  3. Add the description and information for the page as per the instructions are given.
  4. If required, you can create additional pages. Provided one page per one brand.
  5. Customize the look and appearance of the page.​

Fruitful Advantages that the sellers can have with Brand Page on Amazon

  1. The personalized Amazon Page extends your reach to customers with a trusted brand environment.
  2. It adds the new customers to the brand and products.
  3. With Amazon’s brand page service, the sellers receive an Amazon analytics that helps them to make their strategy.
  4. It helps in improving ROI and sales.


When your product page goes live, then, within two weeks, the brand page becomes eligible to appear in the search results. Naturally, Amazon ranks this page as per its guidelines and search results. With AMS and brand page services, Amazon is giving more opportunities to the sellers to reach their customers in a more trusted way. The brand naturally yields a trust factor and when the customer sees all the products of a brand on one page, there are more chances to hit the buy button on a first go. Few things, the sellers need to do is to upgrade the brand page as per the customer’s search and maintain the quality of the brand. 


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