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Multi-Channel Fulfilment-An Effective Tool for Amazon Sellers

Multi-Channel Fulfilment- An Effective Tool for Amazon Sellers

The competition in an online market is tough and retailers are adopting every possible way to stand ahead of each other. it has been found that selling on a single platform is not sufficient to earn the higher sales and profit. In this series, the retailers are turning to the multiple platforms for boosting their sales. Though selling on multiple online channels is always turned out into a profitable deal yet it becomes tedious for the sellers to manage several platforms simultaneously and to fulfil orders to the customers of different platforms. 

Amazon has a million of customers so most of the retailers take it as their first choice for online selling. Apart from this, Amazon facilitates its sellers with many services like Fulfilment by Amazon,  Multi-Channel Fulfilment and newly introduced SWA etc. that help them to sell more and earn more. Also, it has its Amazon experts panel named as SPN and ATES for helping the sellers to sell on Amazon.

For selling on multiple platforms, a proper inventory management is required to fulfil the customer’s orders. Here Amazon has come up with its Multi-Channel Fulfilment program that allows the sellers to sell on multiple channels with the same inventory of Amazon. Most of the sellers are now adopting the MCF program of Amazon to make money from different platforms. 

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

In an MCF program of Amazon, the sellers can fulfil the orders from different channels like eBay, Shopify, Etsy, seller’s website etc. from the same inventory they have put in Amazon’s warehouse. To aid to its MCF program, Amazon itself picks, packs and ships the products to the customer’s destination on behalf of sellers. Through MCF, Amazon also allows its three shipping options for same-day delivery; Two-day delivery and delivery in 3-5 working days- all depends upon what the seller has chosen. 

In simple words, MCF program of Amazon allows its sellers to sell on multiple platforms from its inventory with the shipping services. The only difference between FBA and MCF is that through FBA, Amazon fulfils only Amazon orders while through MCF it fulfils non-Amazon orders in the same way. 

Who can take the advantage of MCF service of Amazon?

  • All the Amazon sellers with the Professional Seller Plan ($39.99 per month) can easily take advantage of MCF program.
  • The sellers with FBA registered are eligible for MCF because when sellers put their inventory in Amazon’s warehouse then only Amazon will able to pick, pack and ship the products to the customers. 
  • The sellers with no hazardous products (Amazon restricted products) to sell. 

How to Utilize MCF?

When you have multiple channels to sell on, the management become tedious and tiresome. There are many software assisting companies that efficiently interact with Amazon to automatize the MCF process on behalf of you. The marketing gurus suggest hiring the Amazon service provider for all these processes so that you can focus on your business. 

But if you are not now in the mood for hiring an Amazon service provider then submitting an MCF order is easy and that too by yourself.

Here are the steps:

  • Sign into your seller central account on
  • Click on your Manage Inventory Page.
  • Pick the selected products that have been ordered from the customers of a different platform.
  • Click on the “Edit” option and then click “Create fulfilment Order.
  • A next page will be opened, then, fill the order details.
  • The details will include our company return address, customer name(optional), and the details you want to print on the packaging slip.
  • Choose the fulfilment method and speed of shipping(1-day; 2-day; 3-5 working days).
  • Review all the details you have filled.
  • Place the order.

Benefits of MCF Program

  1. Selling on multiple channels is always fruitful. It adds more customers and sales. 
  2. Saves time.
  3. Amazon picks, packs and ships the products to the customer’s address. Sellers don’t need to worry to manage all store orders.
  4. The superior advantage of the MCF program is that it can be cheaper than sellers fulfilling orders at their end.
  5. MCF allows the same shipping options as FBA and fast too.
  6. It  also allows branding option for packaging slip.
  7. It allows easy returns. Amazon shares the tracking number of customer’s order so that seller can handle the customer service on their own. If sellers want the return to their location or to the Amazon’s inventory, they can specify it. 
  8. Amazon’s reliability is the finest benefit of MCF program. Sellers can trust Amazon’s service even blindfolded. 

Few Drawbacks:

  1. It has some drawbacks of its limitation of selling unhealthy and haphazard products even on other channels too. 
  2. This limits some sellers to sell their products through MCF. 
  3. Also, the international shipping might cause a problem.


Despite the drawbacks, multi-channel fulfilment is an effective tool for Amazon sellers to sell on non-Amazon platforms too. It leverages the Amazon sellers with, lots of benefits to boost up their sales and earn large money from every channel. In a wide view, the MCF is a good option when you have multi-Channel prospects for your online business. If you have any problems in managing multiple channel accounts, you can take an assistance of the Amazon service provider team as evantage. 

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