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Ethically Proven Sales Boosting Ecommerce Tips

Ethically Proven Sales Boosting Ecommerce Tips

Ecommerce sale is increasing day by day and creating a tough competition for the ecommerce store owner to stand ahead and different in the market. In the previous year, 2017, around $434 billion has been contributed through US ecommerce stores. This figure is obviously going to increase by the end of this year 2018. For the success of their stores, the store owners need customers. Since there is a myriad of online shopping stores and websites, thus it becomes hard for you to get the potential customers at your store specifically. Customers get more fascinated towards online shopping and with the smartphones, all things have become possible with ease. 

You need to represent yourself as different with innovative products, enticing and eye-catchy web store and product page that can keep them engaged to your store. Here are few tips that would help you to add customers and sales to your store. 

First impression lasts forever:

First look and impression always last for a long time. So why not make it good for the customers. When a user visits your store or website, within a minute even less than a minute, he/she decides whether to spend more time on it or leave immediately. Here creativity and innovativeness are must for binding them to your store site, else within no time they will leave and move to other options. You need to invest in magnificent and user friendly website design. Also, showcasing your store with a unique name and products title will be beneficial. For each scroll, if customers would get something exciting there are more chances of them purchasing from your store. 

Photos are important:

The visualization impacts more than reading. For online shopping product images are the way to feel the products. Therefore, clear and alluring images hold the calibre to attract the customers. It has been found that around 75% of customers feel that image quality is important that helps them in buying decision while 66% of customers like to see alternative angles of products and 61% want to see the images with zoom in option. Thus, you need to be specific in displaying the right images and in accordance with the guidelines of the platform you are selling on. Amazon has specific photos uploading criteria for the sellers to attach the images to the products. This again holds true for every platform and website. 

Check out below points and make the images ready to display:

  • A white background image is always preferable as it clearly displays the actual product. 
  • Scalability according to the selling platform. 
  • Allow Zoom option to the customers so that they can visualize every single detail from every aspect of products.
  • Add photos from all angles
  • If you don’t have sufficient equipment to make a complete and attracting catalogue of your products then going with the professional photographer will be a wise decision. 

Don’t use duplicative content:

Google’s strategy to optimize the page on the search engine checks the content that your page and website use. The same tags, archives and products description that share the same text is marked at lower ranks than the pages that are unique in their content. Also, duplicative and same content may distract the customers while on the other hand, original and unique content can potentially attract the customers with the excitement. 

Attractive About Us page:

About Us page is an important page as it shows- Who you are? What do you work for and how do serve your customers? Then it must be compelling as well as informative for the visitors. It is often observed that people who visit the homepage of any website click next at About Us page of the company or business. Around 30% of About Us page visitors get converted into the potential customers who make the confirmed buying decisions but only if they find the About Us page engaging and satisfactorily. About Us page also holds the potential to bring the sales from unexpected visitors,  only it needs to be eye-catchy and trustworthy. 

Try to include niche products or come with a unique idea  

It is tough to stand as an established seller among the thousands of the online stores selling products similar to you. Thus you need to come up with the unique idea that has the potential to attract more customers. But selling the unique niche and new products with which the customers are not familiar is quite risky too. But uniqueness can make you stand ahead if you come up with the right and useful products for the customers. Search the market trends and add the new flavour to your products list. 

Enticing Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Though every business comes on the floor with different and special services and products for its customers that make them unique among their customers, yet there exist thousands of ecommerce websites that can deal with the same products. In this context, Unique Selling Proposition is always helpful to showcase your vision and approach towards customers. When you sell the products as your competitors are selling then you should have a clear vision for your customers that why should they focus and buy your items? What uniqueness your products are having and how uniquely they will be helpful to them?  

Analyse the Analytics:

Analysing the performance of your store time to time will always help you to know more areas of improvement. Analytics briefly tells about how many your customers are? How are they responding to you? How much positive and negative feedback your products are having and also how your customers approach you- whether mobile device or desktops? On analyzing the statistics, you can work on every aspect of improvising your performance that would help in achieving the goals of the business. Analyse the optimization strategy, work with high ranking keywords and relevant content to boost the sales.  

Involve an efficient SEO strategy in your plan:

For searching about anything people go to Google, the giant search engine and interesting to know here is that Google comes up with around 2.2 trillion search results on its various search pages but 90% of people click only at the first 3 search results. You can understand here the importance of the ranking factor in the search engine results. If your website or link ranks last on the search engines then there are lesser chances that customers would visit you. Thus it is always recommended to optimize the product page with the relevant keywords and more importantly at the right place as headers and image alt tags that helps in making your page more discoverable and visible to your users. Use the keywords that are user-friendly i.e. the keywords that users more often use for their search.  

Feedback matters:

90% of customers make their buying decision on the basis of product review they read before buying a product. If your products are getting more positive feedback and higher reviews then you will get more buying clicks on the products, indeed. But if any product gets the negative feedback, then, the customers get repelled from such products as other customer’s suggestions and experiences matter most to them. Amazon constantly checks the seller performance with their customers and calculates ODR of every seller. You should keep on checking the feedback on your product page, blogs and forums and if you find any customer unsatisfied with negative reviews, you should work to resolve issues with them. This helps in building the loyalty and trust in front of your customers.

Targeting right audience is must:

What you are selling should reach the right customers who seek your products. For this, you can send the personalized messages to your customers depending on their search history. Amazon has already implemented this strategy and gives a personified experience to its users by recommending the products that match their search. Having the right customers in stellar is beneficial rather having more visitors who just browse your products and leave as they don’t find it a useful category for them. Make a strategy to attract the right customers for your products.  

Social Media is a powerful weapon for promotion:

To find more customers, you should visit the social media.People are more active on social media platforms as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Plurk etc. Thus you should reach your customers through all these platforms. Advertise and promote your products on every platform and target the active audience. Also, you can post your product links on your profile pages that can redirect the visitors to your product store.  You can also add  videos for your brand and products. 


Since ecommerce is attracting more and more customers everyday, as around 63% of people prefer online shopping and approx 66,000 online websites exist therefore it has become more important to keep on implementing the ecommerce strategies to boost your online sales. There exist various marketplaces like Amazon where you can establish your online store and make money. Focus on right customers and work with a precise and outstanding plan of action to fly in the sky of ecommerce sale. 

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