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Free A+ Content-New Announcement on Amazon

Free A+ Content-New Announcement on Amazon

Have you heard that Amazon has rolled its A+ content fees and made it free for its vendor sellers? Yes, the premium service of A+ content on Amazon has now become freemium for its sellers. Wow! Amazon is bombarding its blessings to its vendor sellers. Amazon has two options for accessing A+ content service, one is self-service module and another is Amazon builds for you. For both these features, Amazon incurs fees (approx $400 per SKU for self-service) and higher when the sellers choose Amazon to serve them. 

Before going further, let’s know, what is A+ content?
A+ content is an Amazon feature for its vendor sellers only that allows them to depict their brand with more information along with the images and videos on their product page. A+ content works as the marketing tool to enhance the brand’s repo and visualization in front of the customers.  

A+ content can include rich images, videos (for product’s demo or brand introduction), comparison charts and elaborated description that can build customer’s faith and drive brand affinity. 

If we believe Amazon, obviously we do! It says that A+ content boosts your sales by 3 to 10% as it tells more about your product in a detailed manner that makes the customers click on buy button.

How to sign up for A+ content feature?

  1. For utilizing A+ content feature, Amazon vendor sellers have to login to their vendor seller account and have to sign up for A+ content feature. 
  2. Click at Merchandising menu and click at A+ detail Pages.
  3. Select between the options- Self-Service Module or Amazon builds for you.
  4. Post selecting the option above, you need to select the ASIN for which you want to create a detailed product page.  
  5. Select layout and template and upload the enhanced content, images, and video for the selected ASIN.
  6. If you have opted for self-service module else Amazon will build the brand story of your ASIN when you opt for Amazon builds for you option.

Free A+ Content For Vendors·   

  • Earlier Amazon used to charge its vendor sellers for accessing the feature of A+ content but recently Amazon has announced free A+ content for its vendor sellers. 
  • The free A+ content refers that Amazon vendor sellers need not pay fees to upload the videos and enhanced images for every SKU. 
  • Also, the video uploading option is also available in A+ content. Though EBC feature of Amazon also claims that sellers can upload a video for the SKUs but it doesn’t seem to be supported yet. 
  • Video depicting the product’s demo or information of every aspect helps the customers in perceiving the 360 degree angle of your product that makes them clearer to click on buying option. 

What would be effect of free A+ content? 

  • Amazon has its brand affinity that drives more traffic towards it. As for now with the premium A+ content feature, more often leading brands like L'oreal, Dove who have higher brand story and selling tags were used to have detail pages.  But with the free A+ content service, it would attract more vendor sellers to promote their brand with the descriptive features. 
  • Another feature of A+ content is Video uploading section. It will help in creating a new shopping experience for the customers as they can visualize the product from every aspect. 
  • They can have clear view and thus pick your product confidently. This reduces chances of returns and refunds. 
  • It will help in procreating the brand highlights and Unique Proposition Selling. 
  • The new modules of A+ content with videos are supposed to be mobile responsive that would add a friendly experience to the users while shopping through their smartphones. 


As for now Amazon’s announcement of free A+ content has given the goose-bumps to the vendor sellers. The free feature with the options of adding detailed product description, images, and video will help in driving more traffic to the brand. The informative description that includes featured, benefits and comparing charts will make a clear vision about the products. This helps the customers to make their confirmed buying decisions that I turn helps in boosting the sales of your eCommerce store. 

As your stars are with you and Amazon has invited you to be vendor seller then you should not waste any chance of reaping all the benefits of being Vendor seller. Having any problem in managing your vendor seller account on Amazon and getting no time to manage the self-service module of A+ content, you should take an assistance of Amazon service provider as evantage asap.

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